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universal machine technology interface

umati in a nutshell!

2020-02-20 16:42 | 91 calls
In a few minutes, the typical challenges of a machine tool owner will be used to show how umati can solve them.

• reduces costs through faster realization of customerspecific
• simplifies and reduces the effort for machine
connection to customer IT infrastructures.
• is an open standard based on OPC UA.
• is developed by the machine tool industry for its
• enables individual mapping and transformation of
parameters by standardized input for customer- or
manufacturer-specific configurations of machine tools.
• aims to global deployments right from the start.
• integrating the OPC UA Companion Specification
is free of license fees.
• offers individually developed software components
(to be licensed, if applicable).
• can be licensed as brand for products (certification etc.).

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umati in a nutshell!

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