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BLOHM PROFIMAT XT with tool changer

July 2020
Company: United Grinding Group Management AG
BLOHM PROFIMAT XT with tool changer

The cost-efficient solution to automatically change grinding wheels is one-of-a-kind in this market segment.

Highly productive, flexible PROFIMAT XT merges four grinding technologies in one machine: reciprocate, creep feed, CD and speed stroke grinding. Thanks to the tool changer these pro-cedures can now be automated. .

In this process, the changer offers users other benefits: it can be loaded with several tools of the same type to be able to quickly and automatically replace worn grinding wheels. The tool changer also makes unsupervised processing possible, even of complex workpieces requiring grinding wheels with different profiles. Setup times are additionally cut as the unit can be loaded while the process is on-going. The tool changer also improves general machine han-dling because it is easier for workers to load the changer with large grinding wheels than di-rectly fit these in the machine themselves. .


     Magazine with 4 wheels                Changing of grinding wheel                         Loading device

Users also benefit from significantly more efficient machining. For instance, roughing or finish-ing grinding wheels can be prepared in the changer to thus achieve a high abrasion perfor-mance and an accurate level of detailed surface machining as part of a single process.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Automated production
  • More efficient machining
  • Automatic operation of complex work pieces
  • Option to load sister tools
  • Setup while process is on-going
  • Simplified handling

Key tool changer data:

  • Magazine with four grinding wheels
  • Max. grinding wheel diameter: 400 mm
  • Max. grinding wheel weight: 40 kg