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STUDER-WireDress® receives the PRODEX Award 2014

Ground-breaking grinding technology – STUDER keeps up the pace of innovation. After 2012, STUDER wins the PRODEX Award again in 2014. The industry prize was awarded during PRODEX, the international trade fair for machine tools, tools and production measurement in Basel, Switzerland. The Swiss grinding specialists impressed the jury with their new WireDress® dressing technology. This integrated electro-discharge dressing technology opens up brand new possibilities for grinding with metal-bonded grinding wheels and drastically cuts auxiliary times.

Metal-bonded grinding wheels offer superior dimensional and thermal stability and are used to machine difficult-to-machine materials such as high-alloy, hardened steels, tungsten carbides and ceramics. The grinding wheels consist of a sintered metal matrix with embedded diamond or CBN grains. They achieve very high removal rates, because the metal bond holds the abrasive grains very well.

However, there are also disadvantages in using metal bonded grinding wheels. For example, dressing these wheels involves greater expense and effort. External dressing machines are sometimes used for dressing, but these make huge demands in terms of handling and logistics.

With WireDress® STUDER is bringing a brand new dressing system to the market, which uses the wire erosion principle and is fully integrated into the grinding machine and its control system. This means that the grinding wheel never has to be removed for dressing. Thanks to the high proportion of open grain, the wheel is very free cutting.

The dressing device is a small wire erosion machine in principle. It does not need any dielectric, as the grinding oil used during grinding fulfills this function. There is no mechanical contact between the wire (the dressing tool), the grain and the bond, and no negative influences to the abrasive grain itself.

With metal-bonded grinding wheels dressed in this way it is possible to increase productivity by up to 30% in individual cases, in comparison to grinding with resin or ceramic bonds. Grinding pressure and wheel wear are significantly reduced. In addition, this precise dressing process in conjunction with the performance parameters of the metal bond, such as the high dimensional stability, enables workpieces with very challenging geometries to be reproducibly produced, which was previously not possible or was not possible cost effectively.

The WireDress® control unit is integrated into the control system of the grinding machine. It has all the necessary dressing functionalities and also contains a software program for intelligent profiling with path optimization. The operator does not need any special training to operate the dressing device, as he is guided by the clear and transparent assistance on the screen of the control unit.

The fact that the industry specialists are convinced by this technology indicates the excellent response by users at the five trade exhibitions, where WireDress® was first demonstrated to the public in 2014.

«We are delighted with this award», says Dr. Gereon Heinemann, Managing Director of Fritz Studer AG. «It confirms that a long-standing commitment to basic research can lead to a product or technology with remarkable user benefits and a "wow factor".»

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