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Buy Used Combined punch and plasma cutting lines

A combined punching machine and plasma cutting machine is a machine that can be used for both punching and cutting metal plates. This kind of equipment can be used in various industries such as sheet metal working and metal component manufacturing. The equipment consists of a punching machine and a plasma cutting machine integrated into one machine. The punching machine can punch a variety of holes, cutouts and contours in metal plates, while the plasma cutting equipment is used to cut straight or complex cuts in metal plates. The combined punching and plasma cutting equipment is usually equipped with a computer numeric control (CNC) system that allows the operator to create the contours to be punched or cut on a computer program. The program is then transmitted to the machine, which automatically selects the appropriate punch or plasma cutting heads and performs the operation. This type of equipment offers several advantages, including the ability to punch and cut a wide range of holes, cutouts and contours in a variety of materials such as steel, aluminum and stainless steel. In addition, the cuts and punching can be performed accurately and quickly, resulting in higher productivity and efficiency.

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