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Textile Machinery Blog


WAY2ITMA: Yiannis Vasilonikolos, Baldwin Jimek

May 2023
Author: Yiannis Vasilonikolos
Company: VDMA - Textile Machinery Association
WAY2ITMA: Yiannis Vasilonikolos, Baldwin Jimek

Touch and feel a wide range of digitally finished fabrics woven and knitted by our global customer base.  From technical textiles, automotive, through the heavier upholstery fabrics, and the lightest most delicate textile materials, finished with softeners, anti-microbials, water repellents, stain and flame retardants.

Discuss your sustainability goals in textile finishing and how we can support your compromise free transition from wasteful pad to digital finishing.

Digital finishing uses precision spray technology for a safe alternative to the pad application method, with dramatically lower water, chemical, and energy consumption.

Baldwin Technology Texcoat™ G4 System gives you all the values you need to claim sustainable production, as it is an Industry 4.0-ready system.