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EMO 2015: Vollmer exhibiting at the machine tool industry's top trade fair in Milan

From 5th to 10th October 2015, Milan is extending its invitation to EMO, the International Metalworking trade fair. The 1500-strong list of exhibitors will also include the Swabian sharpening specialist, Vollmer, whose grinding and eroding machines have turned the company into a leading technology partner for tool manufacturers. In Hall 14, Stand M18/N13, Vollmer will be showcasing products such as the Vgrind 160 grinding machine for machining solid carbide tools under the motto "forward with precision". The QXD 250 and QWD 760 H eroding machines for sharpening diamond tools will also be on display in Milan. Other machines from Vollmer and Loroch, as well as services relating to financing, maintenance and training, will round off the trade fair stand.

The industry's top trade fair for international machine tool manufacturers – EMO – will take place just a stone's throw away from the world-famous La Scala opera house in Milan. Around 1500 companies from over 30 countries will be present at the metalworking trade fair, all showcasing their products in the tool engineering sector. The long-established Swabian Company, Vollmer, will also be in Hall 14, exhibiting its current grinding and eroding machines. Vollmer provides innovative technology accompanied by tailored services for tool manufacturers and sharpening services for the purpose of machining solid carbide and PCD (polycrystalline diamond) tools.

Vgrind for machining solid carbide tools
The Vgrind 160 tool grinding machine, was designed to manufacture solid carbide tools, is one of the products which will be on show at EMO. By virtue of its innovative kinematics and five specifically configured CNC axes, the Vgrind 160 ensures perfect interpolation with short travel distances in order to achieve maximum precision in the shortest time. Two vertically aligned spindles enable tool manufacturers to perform multi-level machining of solid carbide milling cutters and drills in one clamping position. This not only reduces non-productive times, it also enables compliance with very small tolerances.

Erosion gets PCD tools into shape
Tool manufacturers machine PCD-tipped rotary tools using eroding machines. Vollmer will be exhibiting the QXD 250 disc erosion machine and the QWD 760 H wire erosion machine at EMO. The QXD 250 machines PCD tools in one clamping position and the Vpulse EDM generator technology ensures excellent surface quality at the highest material removal rate. Combined with the ExLevel Pro software, cylindrical PCD blanks can be machined into drills, milling cutters or reamers – it makes no difference whether the diamond is integrated into the body as a thick-layer PCD, full-head PCD or via the drill tip using sintering technology.

Thanks to its eroding wire, the QWD 760 H wire erosion machine can also accurately sharpen complex tool geometries with the smallest inner radii, like those typically used for multi-stage tools. The Vollmer machine takes the information and values for a tool directly from the design drawing. This allows manufacturers to benefit from a fully automated sharpening process in which the tool can be measured and eroded without having to be clamped in more than one position.

Sharpening carbide-tipped circular saw blades
The CHP 840 sharpening machine is suitable for the machining of hook and clearance angles on carbide-tipped circular saw blades. With four CNC-controlled axes, tool manufacturers can sharpen all common tooth geometries. In one cycle, it also machines saws with an axial angle and group toothing. The operating concept with the multifunction hand wheel simplifies the control and programming of the sharpening process. Thanks to the control exercised by the hand wheel, the axes can be selected and moved by only one module, which prevents the possibility of incorrect operation. The hand wheel is also used as a potentiometer in order to carry out speed adjustments in automatic mode.

Automated operation around the clock
Various automation solutions complete Vollmer's trade fair appearance at EMO. Loading systems make it possible to use the sharpening machines around the clock without being manned. The Swabian technology and service company will also showcase its range of services – from advice and training through to financing, maintenance and repair – in Milan. Vollmer’s subsidiary Loroch, which is based in Mörlenbach, will add a finishing touch to the trade fair stand. Loroch will present the new evolution K850-M automatic saw blade sharpening machine, on which eight moving axes sharpen, retooth and automatically chamfer HSS and CV circular saw blades.

"For us, EMO is an important opportunity to communicate with our customers and partners from the metal industry," explains Dr Stefan Brand, Managing Director of the Vollmer Group. "With our motto 'Leading the way in precision', we want to take this opportunity in Milan to show tool manufacturers and sharpening services how they can become more competitive using our machines and services."

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