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Walter expands ISO P portfolio with P6006 indexable drill insert

With the P6006 indexable drill insert for Walter standard drills D4140, D4240 as well as the D4340 special and Xpress range for stepped holes, Walter is launching an expert tool developed specially for unalloyed or low-alloy steels. It is an indexable drill insert that perfectly supplements the Walter P6001 steel insert for universal use. The new insert has a few special features: First and foremost, a new type of geometry with a 140° point angle and very steep thinner web. This improves the centring accuracy and increases the hole quality. The sharp cutting edge in connection with a positive rake angle reduces cutting forces. The facet provides stability and increases process reliability. Walter's new grade WPP25 and a particularly hard and robust substrate enable veritable improvements with regard to tool life (up to +100% in tests). A lighter-coloured top layer makes it easier to detect wear.

The specialist for unalloyed and low-alloy steels with hardness up to 1000 N/mm2 (e.g. S355 or ST52) performs particularly well with long overhangs. This is the case especially when drilling without pilot holes up to 10×D, where the time savings result in greater productivity. An additional benefit for the user: Since no pilot holes are required, it is enough to simply enter the application in Walter GPS to generate the correct cutting data. Walter offers the P6006 indexable drill insert for diameters of 12.00–29.50 mm. As a near-standard special design, it can also be supplied for all intermediate dimensions up to 29.99 mm via Walter Xpress. Walter is looking to expand the range to diameters up to 37.99 mm in future.

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