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Precision tools product innovations 2021-2 turning, drilling, threading, milling - Walter Tools

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– Optimum productivity due to precise coolant supply to the cutting edge
– Long tool life and reduced production costs due to stable, straight cutting edge
– Reliable chip flow thanks to innovative new, extremely smooth HIPIMS TiAlSiN coating
– Three times more cost-efficient due to the possibility of being reconditioned in Walter Reconditioning Centres

BENEFITS FOR YOU (Xtra·tec®XT M5468)
– Maximum productivity due to optimum cutting data and tool life
– Maximum process reliability due to indexing of the indexable inserts using facets
– Perfectly adapted to the machining operation due to different indexable insert sizes and geometries
– High level of flexibility for use in existing adaptor systems due to cylindrical-modular interface
– Lower tool costs and minimised effort due to universal application
– High level of cost-efficiency due to Tiger·tec® cutting tool materials, higher number of teeth

BENEFITS FOR YOU (Xtra·tec®XT M5460)
– Universal application due to various different shank designs and extensive range of cutting tool materials
– High level of cost-efficiency due to higher cutting speeds and less manual rework
– Maximum precision and tool life due to extreme cutting edge stability and wear resistance (especially with hardness higher 58 HRC)
– Maximum process reliability and best surfaces due to optimised chip removal

BENEFITS FOR YOU (Accure·tec A3001)
– High productivity and surface quality thanks to low-vibration bore machining
– Time saving thanks to quick, precise tool changes (±0.002 mm) with QuadFit exchangeable heads
– Reliable due to excellent chip removal from the bore thanks to larger f dimension
– Vibration damping “preset” at the factory – ready for immediate use, no time lost tuning

BENEFITS FOR YOU (Tiger·tec® Gold WPP10G, WPP20G, WPP30G)
– High level of cost-efficiency due to highly textured Tiger·tec® Gold coating – average tool life increase of around 50%
– High level of productivity and process reliability due to multi-stage post-treatment and unique, multilayer MT-TiCN structure
– Grades and benchmark geometries for short chips with versatile application

– High level of dimensional stability and indexing accuracy due to positive-locking, robust WL connection
– Long tool life when copy turning
– Highly cost-efficient thanks to lower tool costs due to three cutting edges
– Maximum flexibility: Four indexable insert types fit in the same tool

– High level of process reliability for demanding machining operations
– Walter DeVibe technology: Reliable machining, even in extreme conditions
– Universal application in many different materials
– Extensive product range
– Flexible clamping options

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