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VIBRATION-DAMPED BORING BARS FOR TURNING – A3000 – Accure·tec – the best results for long components

2020-12-09 14:08 | 108 calls

– High productivity and surface quality – with long service life for the tool and spindle
– Vibration damping preset at the factory; installed directly (no time lost tuning)
– Stable process producing little noise
– Reliable machining operations with projection lengths of up to 4 × D are possible
– Depth of cut up to three times higher (compared to conventional methods)
– Optimum chip removal thanks to internal coolant supply


Accure·tec boring bars
– Broad scope of applications for machining expensive components safely and quickly
– Bore machining without vibration – for optimal surface quality
– Maximum damping thanks to damping element flexibly mounted axially and radially
– Vibration damping “preset” at the factory – ready for immediate use (no time lost tuning)

QuadFit exchangeable heads
– Quick and precise cutting head change (±0.002 mm)
– Quick head change results in less non-productive time
– Broad range of products with different machine interfaces allows for versatility

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