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Walter BLAXX-Heptagon milling cutter M3024 – with a new finishing insert

2016-05-30 11:17 | 204 calls
New addition to the product range

– Special indexable inserts for finishing

The application:

– Face milling in all steel and cast iron materials as well as in stainless steels
– Perfect for machining components such as exhaust turbochargers, turbine blades, etc.

The tools
- Walter BLAXX 45° face milling cutter
– Maximum cutting depth 4 mm
– Diameter range 40–160 mm or 3/4–6"
– Surface protected against corrosion and wear

Benefits for you

- Excellent cost efficiency thanks to high metal removal rate, even on low-performance machines
– Soft cutting action thanks to positive cutting edge geometry
– Low cutting material costs thanks to 14 cutting edges per insert
– High level of process reliability thanks to stable negative inserts
– Optimum insert support face and high feed per tooth due to solid carbide shim

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