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Perfection in Protection, Licensing, and Security

Freedom is a rule for everything we do.

2020-03-27 11:19 | Duration 02:01 | 90 calls
What matters more in life than freedom?
We believe in freedom. That is why all of Wibu-Systems’ development efforts revolve around this one major goal.
We offer software publishers and intelligent device manufacturers an unparalleled degree of freedom in secure software license management:
• Freedom to select the right license container for you, be it hardware, software, or the cloud
• Freedom to choose the dongle that best meets your needs from more than twenty form factors
• Freedom to mix and match all types of license containers for each software deployment
• Freedom to choose from many types of preset licenses that you can adapt to your needs
• Freedom to bind your licenses to any Wibu-Systems dongles in the field
• Freedom to encrypt software automatically or manually
• Freedom to trust a single technology for PCs, embedded systems, PLCs, and micro-controllers
• Freedom to receive free updates and upgrades of our core technology for life
• Freedom to stay with our legacy technology without being forced to migrate to the latest generation
• Freedom to have your products tailored perfectly for your users
• Freedom to combine Digital Rights Management and strong authentication workflows
• Freedom to create value with new licensing models for software publishers, intelligent device manufacturers, users, and all of society.
Freedom is not an exception. Freedom is a rule for everything we do.

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