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Lapmaster Wolters


Lapmaster Wolters GmbH
Büsumer Straße 96
24768 Rendsburg
+49 4331 458-0
+49 4331 458-290

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About us

Lapmaster Wolters is dedicated to the success of its customers by being a world-class provider of innovative technology and productivity solutions with its high-precision machine tools and systems for high-precision surface processing of nearly any kind of work piece
Technology Leader and Driving Innovative Force. As a technology leader and driving innovative force, we are sought after wherever the tightest tolerances for surface quality, parallelism, flatness and precision are required via an economical approach.

Comprehensive Scope of High-Precision Processing Machines
Lapmaster Wolters supports you with a unique, comprehensive scope of high-precision processing machines: from single-and double-side fine-grinding-, lapping-, polishing-, honing- and deburring machines, thru-feed grinders for flat work pieces up to compact high-precision multispindle machines.

Knowhow from a Great Number of Industrial Sectors
All this is paired with unrivalled experience and know how from a great number of industrial sectors, from made-to-order to series production, from small shops to large international enterprises. But we do not rest on our laurels. Processing work pieces made of new materials and constantly growing demands on the processing results are challenges we are facing each and every day.

Research and Development
We solidify our technology leadership through intensive research and development in the engineering, mechatronics and process technology sectors, while also benefiting from our cooperation with customers and research institutes as well as from the intensive exchange of experiences Lapmaster Wolters subsidiaries.
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