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Istanbul: Salam alaikum TMS - ZOLLER Toolmanagement crosses the Bosporus

February 2012
Author: Robert Auer
Company: E. Zoller GmbH & Co. KG
Istanbul: Salam alaikum TMS - ZOLLER Toolmanagement crosses the Bosporus If you hear Turkey and all you can think of is vacation, Tarkan or hazelnuts: Think again (FYI: Turkey dominates the hazelnut industry, generally producing about 80% of the world's total)

People visiting Istanbul for the first time are generally surprised – The cosmopolitan megacity is the poster-child of a country with an annual GDP growth only topped by China and it presents itself with an exciting mix of innovation and tradition. No wonder manufacturing is booming as well (+33% in 2010) - A western-oriented city that never sleeps (with too many cars ).

Long gone are the days when Turkey was known for low cost, off-shore manufacturing. High-quality products, tools and machines are today’s motto. To stay competitive modernization and optimization is the key. This is where technology made in Germany comes into play and it comes as no surprise that requests for process optimization, tool management and automation out of Turkey become more frequent.

Like the request from a mid-sized job shop operating in one of the typical industrial zones in the Asian part of the city. As part of their lean-manufacturing efforts they want to introduce a tool management system.

The goal: Manage components (i.e. inserts) with bin location, tools/tool assemblies and the manufacturing documents (job-sheets) in order to improve the planning process and the actual job preparation. A ZOLLER presetter to measure the tools and send the data to the machines completes the process.

The result: An optimized job scheduling and planning process minimizing waiting times, zero machine downtime and a dramatically reduced scrap rate.

The process: Components, tools and jobs are managed in the ZOLLER TMS software. If a reoccurring job comes up the manufacturing engineer simply calls up the job-sheet from the ZOLLER TMS database, checks if all components/parts are in stock, which machine is available (also checks if there are already tools for that job the magazine). If everything is o.k. he releases the job for tool assembly and presetting. This is done without the engineer ever leaving his office. For a new job the programmer has access to the same tool database an can pull available tools for the new job – when he is done he transfers the job sheet (tool-list) to the ZOLLER TMS software – and the manufacturing engineer takes it from there. The same database provides the information during the entire process – CAD/CAM, planning, measuring and machining – a seamless (and paperless) flow of data which ensures quality and efficiency throughout the entire process.

During a cup of Çay (Turkish tea), the manufacturing engineer explains in perfect German (he was born and raised in Germany) that the management of tool alone saves him a lot of time and money (and headaches). An additional benefit is the modular design of the software which offers him plenty options for future process improvement projects such as a 3D scan for collision check.
To be continued….

From Istanbul
Robert Auer

ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions
The ZOLLER TMS tool management solution is a tool to efficiently organize and
manage your tools, individual components, accessories, setup sheets, graphics,
machines, adapters and much else. The tool management is based on ZOLLER’s
field-tested and user-friendly software »pilot 3.0«.

- Reduction of tool costs by 20 % thanks to a reduced usage
- Extended tool life and Reduced number of broken tools thanks to an excellent preparation of all tools
- Reduction of the setup time on machines
- Quick location of tools thanks to documented storage areas
- Accurate tool assembly through assembly instructions
- Saving of time during tool setting by applying nominal tool data