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»flash« Tool-Monitoring
»flash« Tool-Monitoring
Tool management software
E. Zoller GmbH & Co. KG
Tool management software
»flash« Tool-Monitoring
For Optimum Capacity Utilization of Your Tool Potential

The production analysis software »flash« ensures the optimum potential capacity utilization of the tool: communication with the CNC machine, allows the live tool status query and thus ensures a timely tool change. The respective current remaining tool lives are queried at the machine and their status displayed in traffic-light colors. Tool use can therefore be organized optimally.

Procedure in Four Steps

The status is recorded first — tools, the warning limits of which are reached or whose tool life has even expired (1), are selected and recommended for recommissioning. As soon as the tool has been completely commissioned and fitted (2), it is present, measured (3) and then released for production (4).

How Does This Benefit You?

Minimum waiting time at the machine, efficient production workflow, optimum tool utilization – maximum productivity below the line in respect of tool lives with simultaneous process safety.
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