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DMG MORI Global Marketing GmbH
80807 München
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NZX-S1500 (Reference-Nr. 071453)

Asking price

  • Reference number 071453
    Manufacture Year 2017
    Operation Hours not applicable
  • Metal working machine
  • Lathes
  • Multispindle bar automatics
  • Fanuc

  • General
    2-Turret Shaft Lathe; Control: Control F32iB
    Max machining diameter 120 mm
    Movements X / Z 60 / 580 mm
    Lower Turret 6 Positions
    Rapid feed X / Z 20 / 30 m/min
    Movements X / Z 60 / 580 mm
    Upper Turret 6 Positions
    Speed max. -3500 rpm
    Max. Turning Length 535 mm
    Rapid feed X / Z 20 / 30 m/min
    Dimensions (L x W x H) 1,65 x 1,67 x 1,5 m
    Weight approx. 3000 Kg
    Drive power main spindle 5,5/3,7/3,7 kW

  • Tailstock spindle travel check (4 positions) Tailstock Spindle Travel Check (4 Positions) The tailstock spindle stroke range can be detected by connecting the tailstock spindle and air cylinder with scale function.
    Foot switch for tailstock Foot switch for tailstock The tailstock spindle is moved in and out with a foot switch.
    Coolant gun Coolant Gun The magnet type coolant gun is attached to the machine front. Pressing the coolant gun button on the operation panel activates the coolant pump, and depressing its trigger starts the coolant discharge. The coolant pump automatically stops
    Air blow for tool tip Air Blow for Tool Tip Air is blown to the tool tip for removing chips adhering to it. The air blow to the tool tip is effective in removing debris during in-machine measurement or removing chips during dry machining. For this specification, the air blow
    Interface for Air gun Interface for Air Gun This is an I/F for mounting the air gun. The piping up to the coupler is provided. Parts from the coupler onward (air gun, coiling tube) are not included. Please prepare them separately. It is used for cleaning at replacement of
    Dry anchor Dry anchor Anchors fitted on the bed to prevent the machine from moving because of vibrations when starting up or because of slight earthquakes. They control vibration in all directions as far as possible.
    Raised machine height 100 mm Raised machine height 100 mm The machine is raised 100 mm using the special leveling blocks (the chip conveyor is raised the same amount as well).
    (X)Chuck, tailstock barrier Chuck, tailstock barrier
    Program restart The program restart function allows the program to be restarted from a desired block if a tool is broken or for restarting the suspended operation after holidays. To restart the program, specify the sequence number of the block or the block number to be r
    5 external M-codes 5 external M-codes This function contributes and expands the existing M-codes. To add this, let the M-codes output pass through the relay and dispose terminal block connected to the A-contact on the MTX substrate.(Terminal 1 and 2) We will prepare 5 in

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