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Logo Blue Competence
2020-04-01 14:00 | BLOG

UK Government publishes statement to tackle modern slavery across its supply chain

The UK has become the first country to publish a statement outlining how the Government will tackle modern slavery across its supply chain and spending measures. More details here ...

Sabine Brose
Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e.V.
2020-04-01 | VIDEO

Highly efficient shaft machining in 60 seconds - WMZ Ziegenhain

#shaftmachining #WMZZiegenhain As a member of the #DVSTECHNOLOGYGROUP we design and produce machine tools for the flexible machining of shaft-shaped components are designed and produced within the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP. Components with a length ...

Logo  ZCC Cutting Tools
2020-04-01 09:01 | NEWS

A strong unique selling point: Access to the entire added value chain in carbide production

What is one of our unique selling points? Access to the entire value chain of carbide production. You can find out how this feature affects our price list 2020 in our press release.

ZCC Cutting Tools Europe GmbH
Logo Buffalo Machinery Co., Ltd.
2020-04-01 08:30 | BLOG

5 Benefits of 5-Axis Machining

5-axis simultaneous machining centre can help manufacturers save time and money. The three linear axes and two additional swivelling, titling or rotary axes on table or headstock allows cutting tool to approach the part from all directions. This ...

Lin Chiang
Buffalo Machinery Co., Ltd.
2020-04-01 08:00 | 8 NEWS

Flexible entry into digitalization

DMG MORI supports its customers with integral and innovative solutions for future-oriented production through the continuous development of its digitalization services at all levels of the value chain.

DMG MORI Global Marketing GmbH

Automated value creation in the entire portfolio

With its extensive range of automation solutions, DMG MORI enables autonomous and cost-efficient production for its customers for virtually every application.

DMG MORI Global Marketing GmbH

The revolution in universal horizontal machining

The new DMU 65 H monoBLOCK and DMC 65 H monoBLOCK unite the flexibility and ergonomics of a 5-axis universal machining center with the productivity and process reliability of a horizontal machining center.

DMG MORI Global Marketing GmbH

The power of two lasers

Equipped with two lasers the new LASERTEC 30 DUAL SLM expands the DMG MORI portfolio as a significantly more productive manufacturing solution for the powder bed process.

DMG MORI Global Marketing GmbH

The fastest laser texturing machine for XXL molds

The newly developed LASERTEC 400 Shape now enables the texturing of XXL molds with a workpiece weight of up to 20,000 kg using the latest hardware and software.

DMG MORI Global Marketing GmbH

Open and integrated for the entire shop floor

The free “my DMG MORI” customer portal transforms outdated and manual work procedures into digital and fast service processes. The WERKBLiQ upgrade transforms every user into a service professional.

DMG MORI Global Marketing GmbH

Modular automation concept for up to 40 pallets

With the flexible and space-saving PH CELL, DMG MORI enables the automation of numerous 5-axis universal machines and vertical machining centers.

DMG MORI Global Marketing GmbH

Expansion of the versatile DMQP portfolio

DMG MORI underscores the growing importance of its DMQP program with the presentation of three new DMQP partners from the fields of air filtration, clamping technology and clamping systems.

DMG MORI Global Marketing GmbH
Logo AMF Andreas Maier GmbH & Co. KG
2020-04-01 08:00 | BLOG

AMF sensational prices 2020

More excitement from AMF. Until 30.09.2020 you can profit from our sensational prices! Modular zero-point clamping technology from AMF, versatile in use and at the same time extremely inexpensive, can now be found in our current special offer ...

Sabine Scheible
Andreas Maier GmbH & Co. KG (AMF)
Logo ifm electronic gmbh
2020-03-31 15:55 | BLOG

ifm is a member of GATE

Since the beginning of February ifm has been a member of GATE, the professional association of the German airport industry, which has been active worldwide for more than 25 years. GATE is a German umbrella association for prime airport ...

Ann-Christin Theyßen
ifm group of companies
2020-03-31 15:20 | NEWS

SCHOTT SYSTEME Reduce 5 Axis Milling Times

German software developer SCHOTT SYSTEME GmbH is reducing 5 axis simultaneous toolpath calculation times of complex workpieces through the use of Interactive Direction Vectors within their Pictures by PC CAD / CAM Software.

Logo Blue Competence
2020-03-31 13:35 | BLOG

The sustainability success stories of the week: Green freebies for coronavirus heroes and more ...

As part of our Mission Possible campaign, edie brings you this weekly round-up of five of the best sustainability success stories of the week from across the globe. Continue here ...

Sabine Brose
Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e.V.
Logo MPDV Mikrolab GmbH
2020-03-31 11:30 | BLOG

CAPA for regulated manufacturing companies

Regulatory requirements dictate that companies working in the Life Science sector identify and solve problems in the manufacturing process and product at an early stage. These requirements are set out in ISO 13485, 21 CFR 820 and ISO 9000. Both ...

MPDV Mikrolab GmbH
Logo Fastems Systems GmbH
2020-03-31 10:00 | BLOG

Utilizing Virtual MMs During and After System Delivery

Fast and easy Ramp-up with Virtual MMS During the fourth industrial revolution, manufacturing systems and the software related to them have become more and more complex and delicate. This means that a lot of testing and development is required to ...

Maike Teuwsen
Fastems Systems GmbH
Logo  ZCC Cutting Tools
2020-03-31 09:24 | NEWS

5 Product Innovations for machining & Tooling Management

You benefit from our 5 New Products for machining. You can find out what they are and what they offer you in the following press release.

ZCC Cutting Tools Europe GmbH
Logo  ZCC Cutting Tools
2020-03-30 15:55 | BLOG

"We continue to be available for our customers with all our services features."

ZCC Cutting Tools Statement on COVID-19 The effects of the corona virus are of concern to the whole world right now. We take a stand in order to communicate transparently and to address possible concerns through facts. Thanks to the close ...

Anna-Lena Kirchenbauer
ZCC Cutting Tools Europe GmbH
Logo TDM Systems
2020-03-30 14:00 | BLOG

Clearwater Engineering and TDM Systems software team up for success

Our case study is now also available in a detailed version as PDF download. If you are interested in how Clearwater Engineering has saved 45% in scrap thanks to TDM, please visit our website and download the reference story!

Sandra Schneck
TDM Systems GmbH
2020-03-30 | VIDEO

SCT Current transformers (CT) for energy measurement

With the SCT current transformers, Beckhoff completes the Energy measurement chain from recording the physical measured value to data transmission in the cloud. The SCT current transformers offer the possibility of implementing reliable power ...

Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG
Logo TDM Systems
2020-03-30 12:49 | BLOG

Case Study: Clearwater Engineering lowers scrap by 45% with TDM

Clearwater Engineering is a small aerospace contract manufacturing firm with big goals. Now, Tool Data Management software from TDM Systems is helping them reach those goals. Along with the 45% reduction in scrap rate because of the ...

Sandra Schneck
TDM Systems GmbH
2020-03-30 | VIDEO

FANUC's next generation of Delta Robots

FANUC‘s all-new DR-3iB series of delta robots are specifically designed to maximise speed and versatility in picking and packing solutions. Based on the classic parallel-link design, the DR-3iB/8L provides increased payload, inertia and the ...

FANUC Deutschland GmbH
2020-03-30 | VIDEO

ROBONANO α-NTiA - Ultraprecision diamond turning

ROBONANO α-NTiA is the new turning variant of the ROBONANO series and was presented for the first time in Europe at EMO 2019. ROBONANO has a positioning command resolution of 0.1 nanometre and can achieve optical quality surface finish without ...

FANUC Deutschland GmbH
2020-03-30 | VIDEO


BENEFITS FOR YOU (M5008) – Can be used universally – Optimum productivity thanks to extremely close pitched tools – High machining volume thanks to the combination of low depths of cut and high feed per tooth rates – High process reliability ...

WALTER Aktiengesellschaft
2020-03-30 12:00 | BLOG

Modular automation concept for up to 40 pallets

With the flexible and space-saving PH Cell, DMG MORI enables the automation of numerous 5-axis universal machines and vertical machining centers. Flexible automation solution for up to 40 pallets Modular design Different sizes of pallets: 500 ...

DMG MORI Global Marketing GmbH
Logo Siemens AG
2020-03-30 11:57 | BLOG

Learn online now: Web-based training on SINUMERIK Operate

Would you like to further your education and become familiar with SINUMERIK Operate? Our popular web-based training courses (WBTs) are now available to you free of charge. You can work through the individual modules according to your own ...

Wolfgang Marschner
Siemens AG, Digital Industries
Logo Delcam
2020-03-30 11:42 | BLOG

How Autodesk Is Helping Communities, Customers, and Employees Impacted by COVID-19

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) affecting communities, families, and people around the world, this is a difficult time for all of us. Our hearts go out to all those who have been affected, directly or indirectly. At Autodesk, our priority remains ...

Autodesk GmbH
2020-03-30 | VIDEO

ML235 External and Internal machining in one clamping - Buderus Schleiftechnik

External and internal #machining in one #clamping by #BuderusSchleiftechnik with #ML235 A company of the #DVSTechnologyGroup in this video: #turningturret: #hardturning of the cone and a surface measuring station: locating the position ...

2020-03-30 | VIDEO

Statement DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP: Bosch Rexroth the partner for sophisticated applications

As a trendsetter in the field of machine tools, the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP needs reliable automation partners. With the most powerful CNC on the market, we ensure the maximum performance of the machines. uploaded January 2018 linked from Bosch ...

Logo Kaiser Präzisionswerkzeuge AG
2020-03-30 10:00 | NEWS

Covid-19 and BIG KAISER

BIG KAISER and our employees do their utmost to provide you with your operational needs and to protect your employees in this unprecedented and unprecedented situation

BIG Kaiser Präzisionswerkzeuge AG
Logo Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik GmbH
2020-03-30 09:59 | BLOG

WMM-Series: Complete high-tech shaft measurement on just one machine

he WMM series from Schneider Messtechnik  Do you define a shaft by more than just diameter and length? Do you have to use up to 5 measuring devices to measure every feature? Are the measuring devices scattered throughout the production ...

Sandrine Kaul-Robin
Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik GmbH
Logo United Grinding
2020-03-28 11:00 | BLOG

Covid 19 Pandemic: Current Business Situation

Walter Maschinenbau GmbH and Ewag AG are carefully observing the situation and its effects concerning the spread of SARS-CoV-2 (new corona virus). We comply with the measures prescribed by the Federal Ministry of Health, the Robert Koch Institute, ...

United Grinding Group Management AG
2020-03-27 | 5 DOCUMENTS

CodeMeter – Software Protection Brochure

CodeMeter – Software protection
7.41 MB
20 pages
Protection and licensing of PC applications

Silver Linings: Licensing in the Cloud

Software Protection
0.90 MB
12 pages
This white paper describes secure cloud-based license management with CodeMeter Cloud and License Central and the use of certificate chains to establish trust in the cloud licensing and storage ...

Edition Fall 2019

KEYnote 38
8.05 MB
16 pages
CodeMeter SmartBind & Microsoft Azure CodeMeter & Docker IP Protection for Software without Licensing CodeMeter vs. Blockchain IP Protection in Additive Manufacturing CodeMeter Cloud Pilot ...

Edition Spring 2019

KEYnote 37
2.36 MB
16 pages
CodeMeter Certificate Vault Assigning Licenses to a new Client - The What, The Why and The How Licenses for Service Technicians Reseller Integration Wibu Operating Services CodeMeter Embedded ...

Edition Fall 2018

KEYnote 36
1.87 MB
18 pages
KEYnote explores the technology and corporate milestones of Wibu-Systems.
2020-03-27 | VIDEO

How ifm supports NEREUS with wastewater treatment

NEREUS develops and produces compact filter systems for the filtration of wastewater. With ifm, they have a reliable partner who supplies them with numerous sensors, such as pressure sensors, temperature sensors, level sensors and their new ...

ifm group of companies
Logo EMUGE-Werk Richard Glimpel GmbH & Co. KG
2020-03-27 14:08 | BLOG

We are available for you and supply you reliably!

Health protection for employees, customers, suppliers and partners is our top priority!With numerous measures we prevent the spread of the virus. We minimise health risks, hazards and contacts by relocating workplaces, additional physical ...

Jörg Teichgräber
EMUGE-Werk Richard Glimpel GmbH & Co. KG
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