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Logo Walter AG
2019-05-24 09:00 | NEWS

Walter: 100 years of innovation

Walter AG, a provider of specialized machining solutions based in Tübingen, Germany, is celebrating the centenary of its foundation today with some 150 guests from the worlds of business and politics...

WALTER Aktiengesellschaft
Logo Siemens AG
2019-05-23 14:19 | BLOG


The CNC4you workpiece "pen holder" is a milled aluminium part with personal engraving. Despite its free-form surface, it can be produced on a 3-axis machine: The sample part, for example, was produced on a Kaast VF-Mill HP760 with a CNC Sinumerik ...

Wolfgang Marschner
Siemens AG, Digital Industries
2019-05-23 | VIDEO

Added value at all levels of the production

DMG MORI will be concentrating all their efforts on the entire value-added chain for the user. The future-orientated focus topics are the areas of digitalization and digital offers for production and service, integrated automation solutions for ...

DMG MORI Global Marketing GmbH
2019-05-23 12:00 | BLOG

Marking world day for safety & health at work

​A special week of activities has taken place at Dormer Pramet production units (PU) in Brazil and Czech Republic. The events coincided with World Safety and Health at Work day (April 28), which helps to reinforce the importance of ...

Dormer Pramet
2019-05-23 11:45 | BLOG

StateMonitor – Evaluating machine data

How can manufacturing productivity be improved? The comprehensive notification and evaluation functions of the StateMonitor software from HEIDENHAIN are the basis for uncovering potentials to increase machine availability and efficiency. Go to ...

Dennis Will
2019-05-23 00:00 | NEWS

E-learning for practitioners: Programming and simulation of 3D laser cutting systems

How can you make laser cutting processes more flexible? How can you reduce programming times? In a hands-on webinar our experts present the application example of a sheet metal manufacturing company using FASTSUITE Edition 2 for offline ...

Logo VDW - Verein Deutscher Werkzeugmaschinenfabriken e.V.
2019-05-22 | 14 DOCUMENTS


VDW-Symposium Vietnam / Ho Chi Minh City, May 13-15, 2019
5.98 MB
27 pages
ARTERY - a new generation turning center and WEISSER advanced technologies for fine machining
Verein Deutscher Werkzeugmaschinenfabriken e.V.


VDW-Symposium Vietnam / Ho Chi Minh City, May 13-15, 2019
2.92 MB
30 pages
Machine tools and laser technology - Metal manufacturing in Vietnam on the way to industry 4.0
Verein Deutscher Werkzeugmaschinenfabriken e.V.


VDW-Symposium Vietnam / Ho Chi Minh City, May 13-15, 2019
5.89 MB
29 pages
Digitalization in Machine Tool Manufacturing
Verein Deutscher Werkzeugmaschinenfabriken e.V.


VDW-Symposium Vietnam / Ho Chi Minh City, May 13-15, 2019
1.73 MB
15 pages
Giải pháp sáng tạo để mài bánh răng và mặt cắt
Verein Deutscher Werkzeugmaschinenfabriken e.V.


VDW-Symposium Vietnam / Ho Chi Minh City, May 13-15, 2019
1.75 MB
15 pages
Innovative Solutions for Grinding of Gears and Profiles
Verein Deutscher Werkzeugmaschinenfabriken e.V.


VDW-Symposium Vietnam / Ho Chi Minh City, May 13-15, 2019
5.20 MB
21 pages
High Quality and Reliable Turning Solutions for Low- to High Volume Parts
Verein Deutscher Werkzeugmaschinenfabriken e.V.


VDW-Symposium Vietnam / Ho Chi Minh City, May 13-15, 2019
7.20 MB
34 pages
Flexible Manufacturing Systems from Heller
Verein Deutscher Werkzeugmaschinenfabriken e.V.


VDW-Symposium Vietnam / Ho Chi Minh City, May 13-15, 2019
2.44 MB
36 pages
Competence in Advanced Technology Worldwide
Verein Deutscher Werkzeugmaschinenfabriken e.V.


VDW-Symposium Vietnam / Ho Chi Minh City, May 13-15, 2019
3.05 MB
41 pages
Hệ thống sản xuất bánh răng thông minh
Verein Deutscher Werkzeugmaschinenfabriken e.V.


VDW-Symposium Vietnam / Ho Chi Minh City, May 13-15, 2019
2.14 MB
24 pages
Intelligent machining solutions for automotive, medical and aerospace
Verein Deutscher Werkzeugmaschinenfabriken e.V.


VDW-Symposium Vietnam / Ho Chi Minh City, May 13-15, 2019
3.37 MB
53 pages
New approach Manufacturing Strategies using 5-Axis Simultaneous Machining Centers for Aircraft Industry Applications, Mechanical Engineering and Automotive Industry
Verein Deutscher Werkzeugmaschinenfabriken e.V.

3/3 VDW

VDW-Symposium Vietnam / Ho Chi Minh City, May 13-15, 2019
0.07 MB
1 page
German Machine Tool Exports to Vietnam - Overview
Verein Deutscher Werkzeugmaschinenfabriken e.V.

2/3 VDW

VDW-Symposium Vietnam / Ho Chi Minh City, May 13-15, 2019
0.08 MB
8 pages
German Machine Tool Industry - Key Figures
Verein Deutscher Werkzeugmaschinenfabriken e.V.

1/3 VDW

VDW-Symposium Vietnam / Ho Chi Minh City, May 13-15, 2019
0.66 MB
36 pages
Lage der Werkzeugmaschinenindustrie
Verein Deutscher Werkzeugmaschinenfabriken e.V.
Logo PERKUTE Maschinenbau GmbH
2019-05-22 09:00 | NEWS

NEXION S.p.A. and STENHØJ GROUP join forces

NEXION S.p.A. and STENHØJ GROUP join forces and establish the leading European supplier of products and services for the automotive aftermarket..

PERKUTE Maschinenbau GmbH
2019-05-22 | PRODUCT

Air-Air Pressure Multiplier (Booster)

The air-air pressure multiplier, or booster, is an automatic device that compresses air to give an outlet pressure that is double the inlet pressure. It is normally used to locally intensify the ...

Metal Work Deutschland GmbH
Logo Fastems Systems GmbH
2019-05-22 08:00 | NEWS

The new version of Fastems’ Manufacturing Management Software (MMS)

The new version of Fastems’ Manufacturing Management Software (MMS) integrates both automated and non-automated processes into digital manufacturing management, bringing together three application areas in a single manufacturing software ...

Fastems Systems GmbH
Logo Bosch Rexroth AG
2019-05-22 08:00 | NEWS

Knuffingen Airport: A million flights and not one delay

Last month, Knuffingen Airport celebrated one million flights. The replica aircraft are accurate down to the tiniest detail and look almost real when taking off and landing...

Bosch Rexroth AG
Logo Vision Engineering Ltd.
2019-05-21 | VIDEO


Fully automated vision CNC measurement system from Vision Engineering.

Vision Engineering Ltd.
Logo Missler Software
2019-05-21 16:06 | NEWS

LIGNA 2019 trade show

TOPSOLID, supported by its flagship historic retailers for the German language zones Moldtech and AdeQuate Solutions, will be presenting the latest upgrades to its TopSolid’Wood software...

Missler Software
Logo Römheld GmbH
2019-05-21 | VIDEO

NEW Blockzylinder S by ROEMHELD

Sturdy, compact and high load capacity: the new block cylinder S Suitable for operating pressure up to 500 bar and operating temperature of 200 °C The new block cylinder S – as "strong" – from ROEMHELD is specially designed for use in forming ...

RÖMHELD GmbH Friedrichshütte
2019-05-21 15:43 | BLOG

Should You Protect Your Embedded Code?

Embedded device hacking is the exploitation of vulnerabilities in embedded software to gain control of the device. Why does it happen? Some hackers attack embedded systems to spy on the devices, take control of them, or simply disable them and ...

Daniela Previtali
2019-05-21 | 2 VIDEOS

Okuma Technology Centres

DISCOVER THE PROGRESS - Okuma Tech Centres are a manufacturer's playground, outfitted with the finest CNC machine tools and the support of the Okuma productivity experts so that you can come experiment, inspect and improve your productivity. Okuma ...

Okuma Europe GmbH

Okuma goes EMO 2019

We are fully excited to participate in this year's EMO again. The first steps are done and the next months will be completely dedicated to the organisation of our leading trade fair. Follow us to stay informed about the process!

Okuma Europe GmbH
Logo Maschinenfabrik Berthold Hermle AG
2019-05-21 14:49 | NEWS

Hermle introduces another digital component: the Navigator GUI

The digital transformation is now becoming the focus of many different production operations. Hermle is there to provide support while you chart your individual course towards Industry 4.0 and the smart factory...

Maschinenfabrik Berthold Hermle AG
Logo ISCAR Germany GmbH
2019-05-21 | VIDEO



ISCAR Germany GmbH
2019-05-21 14:33 | NEWS

First GROB in-house exhibition comes to a successful close

From April 9 to 12, 2019, GROB-WERKE opened the doors to its first in-house exhibition at the headquarters in Mindelheim. Some four hundred invited customers and guests were inspired by innovative product and live demonstrations, various technical ...

Logo Fresmak S.A.
2019-05-21 14:25 | BLOG


The most important asset of a company are people. 3, 2, 1, go! Recording…You will have more news soon!

Fresmak S.A.
Logo FANUC Deutschland GmbH
2019-05-21 | VIDEO

Intelligent robot accessories from FANUC - Line tracking

FANUC’s integrated line tracking package controlled by a robot allows efficient product handling of fixed or random positioned products on a moving conveyor.

FANUC Deutschland GmbH
Logo ifm electronic gmbh
2019-05-21 12:13 | BLOG

Spotted: Inductive sensor in the ifm truck

As a roadshow exhibit, the ifm truck will serve as a rolling exhibition stand in the near future. This real gem of a vehicle is, of course, also equipped with ifm sensors, which work when the additional surfaces are folded in."Thanks to our ifm ...

Ann-Christin Theyßen
ifm group of companies
Logo VOLLMER WERKE Maschinenfabrik GmbH
2019-05-21 11:30 | NEWS

VOLLMER of America - Groundbreaking Ceremony

VOLLMER of America broke ground on Saturday May 11, 2019 at their new location in Findlay Township, PA near Pittsburgh Airport. The new 29,200 square foot building is expected to be finished in March 2020...

VOLLMER WERKE Maschinenfabrik GmbH
Logo Walter AG
2019-05-21 10:58 | NEWS

Problem solver packs a punch with high material removal rates

Walter AG is using its half effective M4258 porcupine milling cutter for shoulder and slot milling to combine the benefits of a milling body with those of indexable inserts...

WALTER Aktiengesellschaft
Logo BLM S.p.A.
2019-05-20 11:10 | NEWS

Intube 2019 - BLM GROUP Open House

INTUBE 2019 ☕️ Ordinary Special ☕️ | OPEN HOUSE 30 settembre – 12 ottobre 2019 | Discover more: http://bit.ly/2VwPKjy | Hashtag ufficiali: #blmgroup #intube

Logo Blue Competence
2019-05-20 10:00 | BLOG

Alarming report: Mismanaged waste 'kills up to a million people a year globally'

Mismanaged waste is causing hundreds of thousands of people to die each year in the developing world from easily preventable causes, and plastic waste is adding a new and dangerous dimension to the problem, a report has found. All attempts a drop ...

Sabine Brose
Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e.V.
Logo CNC-STEP e.K.
2019-05-20 07:45 | BLOG

Milling Motor Suhner UAD-30 RF

This spindle from Suhner is exclusively only available from us. It has been specially designed to our requirements and is thus ideal for use with all our CNC machines. With speeds from 3,500 to 30,000 revolutions per minute, an individual working ...

Magdalene Michalek
2019-05-17 12:30 | BLOG

Integral processes for Die & Mold applications

DMG MORI will be presenting its expertise in die and mold making at the Moulding Expo, showcasing new paths towards digital and automated production as well as additive manufacturing with powder bed technology as a key future ...

DMG MORI Global Marketing GmbH
2019-05-17 | DOCUMENT

Automation brochure

8.51 MB
28 pages
- What we want - our philosophy - Automation for machine tools - System assembly for demanding - From the planning to the realisation - Tool changing systems - Tool magazines - Tool ...
Wassermann Technologie GmbH
Logo Beckhoff Automation GmbH
2019-05-17 11:00 | BLOG

Beckhoff at Automotive Testing Expo 2019

Revolutionising the construction of test equipment: system-integrated high-end measurement technology With the EtherCAT measurement modules from the ELM series, Beckhoff is presenting high-performance measurement technology that integrates ...

Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG
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