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Beckhoff Automation Blog

The new price/performance class for PC-based control technology

January 2016
Author: Beckhoff Automation
Company: Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG
The new price/performance class for PC-based control technology
PC-based control technology from Beckhoff is exceptionally scalable in terms of hardware and software, enabling precisely tailored solutions for every application. As an answer for cost-sensitive applications in the lower and medium performance range, two new entry-level Beckhoff Industrial PCs (IPCs) have been announced to achieve best-in-class results at a lower price-point. The new additions are the C6905 Control Cabinet PC and the CP6706 Panel PC, which feature Intel® Atom™ multi-core CPUs with options for one, two or four processor cores.

The entry-level of the Beckhoff IPC portfolio has been expanded with two new devices: the C6905 Control Cabinet PC and the CP6706 7-inch Built-in Panel PC, each offering higher computing power than previous entry-level devices. Equipped with a powerful Intel® Atom™ CPU with up to four processor cores, these devices are particularly well-suited for use as small and medium-sized machine controllers, motion applications or more complex graphic applications.

Beckhoff-built motherboards and housings address industrial needs

Both the 3½-inch motherboard and the aluminium housing in the new IPC models were newly developed, taking into account all typical Beckhoff features. These include industrial-strength durability, "made in Germany" quality and long-term availability. By reducing mechanical costs and paring down the number of interfaces, the two devices were designed to precisely suit the corresponding range of uses while offering cost reductions of around 13 to 20 percent, all in a performance class comparable to the somewhat more flexible C6915 and CP6707.

These new devices still offer a comprehensive range of features. These include 2 GB DDR3L-RAM (expandable ex works to 8 GB), on-board dual Ethernet adapter with 2 x 100/1000BASE-T connection, 4 GB CFast card with high-quality SLC flash, four USB 2.0 ports, a DVI connection and an optional third Ethernet port.

Powerful processor and flexibility in operating system selection

Previously, the PC-based hardware entry-level class for cost-sensitive control applications included the CP6606 Built-in Panel PC and the CX9020 Embedded PC, both equipped with an ARM Cortex™ A8 CPU. The higher computing power of the Intel® Atom™ processor in the new devices enables users to implement more complex control, motion and visualisation applications within the same price point. At the same time, a broader range of operating systems can be used: Windows Embedded Standard and Windows 10 can be used in addition to Windows Embedded Compact.


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