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New Sites

  1. Nail making machine
  2. Wire coiling and winding machine
  3. Wire netting and weaving machine
  4. Chain making machine
  5. Spring coiling machine and apparatus
  6. Wire bending and forming machine
  7. Wire straightening and cutting-off machine
  8. Wire drawing machine
  9. Wire forming machine
  10. Tube welding equipment
  11. Tube forming equipment
  12. Pipe manufacturing system
  13. Tube/section cutting and trimming (incl. punching/stamping)
  14. Flexible manufacturing system for tubes and sections
  15. Bar and section finishing machine
  16. Section, billet, ingot shear
  17. Bending machine for reinforcing bars
  18. Bar and section bending machine
  19. Roller forming machine
  20. Roller finishing and deep rolling machine
  21. Ring rolling machine
  22. Straightening machine
  23. Combined automatic tube forming, welding, straightening and cutting-off machine
  24. Tube ending machine
  25. Tube cutting-off machine
  26. Tube finishing machine
  27. Tube reducing and enlarging machine
  28. Tube bending machine
  29. Press brakes / 3-point
  30. Trimming press
  31. Straightening press
  32. Machine and tool for pressure assembling and joining
  33. Flanging press
  34. Scrap baling press
  35. Can making machine
  36. Coining press
  37. Marking machine
  38. Calibrating press
  39. Die try-out press
  40. Stamping press
  41. Riveting machine
  42. Hydroforming press
  43. Large panel transfer press
  44. Transfer press
  45. Geared drawing press
  46. Deep drawing press
  47. Double action press
  48. Stretch forming press
  49. Hand lever press
  50. Four-point drawing press