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    Participation in the ORDERMATCH BETA program
    • Basically, all customers can participate in the beta program, who have been personally invited to participate or to register for the beta. There is, however, legal right to participate. IndustryArena GmbH reserves the right to reject individual applications in the beta program.
    • By participating in the beta program, you agree to our general > Terms and Conditions <.
    • Beta products are still in development stage. IndustryArena GmbH can not guarantee the availability of the services offered in the beta program. Neither a full range of functions nor stable performance at all times can be guaranteed in the beta phase.
    • The active use of the product is expected by all participants.
    • Free product-related customer support -both by phone and by e-mail- is granted during the beta phase. For IndustryArena GmbH your customer feedback is extremely important in the beta phase! Participation in surveys during and/or at the end of the beta phase of the beta program is expected. There you can talk about your experiences, suggest possible improvements and inform us of difficulties with the product The participants in the beta program do not have the right to openly communicate errors and problems (e.g. forums, blogs, etc). For questions or comments of any kind, please contact the support team.
    • All data will be saved and processed in accordance with our >Privacy Policy< and shall not be disclosed to third parties.
    • Participants can use the product until at least 31.12.2013 without monthly fee and setup fee. IndustryArena GmbH will inform you of any possible extension of the beta phase. The participant may terminate the contract within this BETA phase at any time within a period of 7 days. Upon termination, saved contents are completely deleted. A subsequent recovery of deleted data is not possible.
    • Any tariff change in the premium version is possible at the end of Beta; it automatically switches to free Basic mode. Through this mode, the user can further on access his data even after termination of the Beta phase, but he cannot receive new messages any more.
    I agree with the conditions of the BETA program