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Bimatec – Soraluce Frästechnologie GmbH
Vertical machining centres
Karussell Dreh- und Fräscenter VTC
The VTC carousel lathe is manufactured in their main elements, such as the machine bed, who are strongly specifications stand and cross-beams from a cast iron construction and guarantees a high degree of stability. The cast iron constructions are annealed completely stress-free before the final assembly. Thus the construction of the machine has been designed to absorb strong pressures and to dampen vibrations in the chip removal even under highest strain. The chisel slide is made from normalized steel, hardened and precision ground.

The C-axis guarantees highest positioning accuracy and allows as milling and drilling operations with high cutting capacity. The positioning of the tool holder and milling heads to the chisel handle is done via a Hirth toothing. This system guarantees maximum precision during the tool change.
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