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Preview on Tube & Wire 2018

TUBE & WIRE 2018

Tube & Wire in Düsseldorf is the most important trade show in the world for the industry and is the opportunity for BLM GROUP to reassert its leadership in tube processing systems. An expansive product catalogue, state-of-the-art technology and an array of customer services are just some of the features that make the BLM GROUP the ideal global partner for metal tube processing.

 Düsseldorf, April 16, 2018. The slogan, “The Future is Calling Us” still resounds in the minds of visitors to the BLM GROUP 2017 Open House and Tube & Wire 2018 offers another opportunity to meet with the industry of tomorrow.

 The BLM GROUP will showcase key concepts which characterize a modern production system with some practical examples in two stands: one in Hall 5-J32 in the Tube section and the other in Hall 10-H56 in the Wire section. Integration, interconnection and simplicity are the primary features of the new products, the advanced technological solutions which characterize them and the services that BLM GROUP offers to customers.

 LT7, a blend of excellences

The innovation displayed in the Tube section is called, “LT7”. Officially introduced in world preview at this event, the LT7 is the most recent addition to the Lasertube family and the new benchmark in the world of laser systems for processing tubes.

 LT7 is not only faster than other systems, it expresses excellence from all points of view – working field, productivity, quality and accuracy, flexibility and automatism, ease of use and integration.

Extreme flexibility of the loading and unloading solutions, 3D head, Active Tools and care for details are only some of the aspects which will be sure to amaze visitors. Everything is aimed at guaranteeing quality and performance across the entire dimensional field of the system. No compromises.

LT7 is the successful blend of hardware and software solutions and the result of years of experience and investments tailored to make laser-cutting tubes easy.

DH4010VGP, the most flexible wire solution

BLM GROUP also has a new product in the Wire section. DH4010VGP is the wire bending system that places the accent on flexibility. As a result, it can do what others cannot.

The two new double-turret heads of the DH4010VGP allow creating different radii of curvature on the same parts, making bend sequences with reworking and obtaining extremely high performance for those jobs which would be considered impossible on other systems.

These new features complement all DH family systems, which make them particularly advantageous and effective for working particularly large jobs with many bends and stringent coplanarity needs.

Bending from coil with or without mandrel is simple

Bending from coil has always been the focus of BLM GROUP and once again this technology is prominent with several solutions at Tube & Wire 2018.

The 4-RUNNER H1 is an end-forming and mandrel-free bending system which works directly from a coil. All-electric, it can produce right-hand and left-hand bends in process and make very complex parts by exploiting the extremely small bending head.

A robotized working cell will illustrate the coil bending with mandrel process to make high-quality bends even starting from coil. The cell includes three systems, namely the 3-RUNNER for straightening and head end-forming, the SMART for bending with mandrel and the E-SHAPE for tail end-forming. The entire process is automated by a six-axis robot appropriately tooled to make an all-automatic working cell.

A simple solution to a complex problem.

All-In One: integration to improve the process

Load the 3D model of a complicated assembly consisting of different tubes with ArTube and obtain the working programs you need for all cutting and bending systems involved in the physical creation of the components in a few seconds and a few clicks. Use ProTube to plan production according to the available material and the calculated part manufacturing times, transmitting everything to the production systems which interface with each other to obtain accurate parts from the first attempt and to control the entire process from the office.

BLM GROUP customers are already aware of this. Complete control of all involved technologies is needed to achieve this result and only the BLM GROUP can guarantee it with what they call the All-In-One process.

In the Tube section, visitors will see practical examples for manufacturing the components of a manifold with the LT5, which laser-cuts tubes taken from a bundle, the E-TURN52, which bends them, and the LT-FREE, which performs the final laser jobs on the pre-bent tubes.

Services tailored to the customer's needs

The services offered to customers by the BLM GROUP keeps on growing, in terms of numbers and the ease of interaction with the Group in case of need. Some examples will be showcased in the stand to illustrate this concept. Syncro, for instance, is a service that customers can use to connect to the internet from any access point and see information related to the operating state of the systems in their workshops.

ToolDesigner is the remote web-based service that customers can use to obtain all the technical material needed to make the tools required to manufacture a specific bent tube, from the drawings to the 3D numerical models, quickly and very easily.

BEST (BLMelements Suite Tool) provides each customer with private access to the world of software applications offered by the Group and allows them to check software update status, applications, receive information on new available packages, download and install new packages and access training courses.



BLM GROUP is the global partner for the entire tube machining process with a capillary worldwide presence and thousands of applications:

  • BLM S.p.A., based in Cantù (CO), Italy, has specialised since 1960 in the production of CNC tube bending machines, tube forming machines, measuring units and devices for automated integration.
  • ADIGE S.p.A. based in Levico Terme (TN) manufactures systems for laser-cutting tubes and machines for disc-cutting tubes, solids and sections. The range is completed by brushing machines, measuring systems, washing systems and collectors
  • ADIGE-SYS S.p.A. based in Levico Terme (TN) specialises in the production of "mixed" laser-cutting systems for cutting tubes and sheet metal, plant for laser-processing of large-sized tubes and end cutting and removing lines for tubes and bars.



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