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CIMCO Integration
Manufacturing execution software (MES)
All manufacturing documents are securely stored on a server
Highly flexible and secure User Management and Permissions system
Management of all production-relevant documents

Manufacturing companies need to manage often large amounts of documents such as QS documents, sheets and NC programs, CAD/CAM files. If all of these documents are not organized and accessible to the right people, this can lead to time and production losses and expensive mistakes.

CIMCO MDM offers you all the functionality you would expect from a modern information management system and more. With MDM, you can collect all of your production-relevant documents on a central server, and structure. Also you can set restrictions for files/folders, manage user rights, automate processes, secure documents and restore and manage file versions.

CIMCO MDM provides the document management, that spans your entire system and can be fully integrated with your existing tools and software solutions. You get a central hub for managing all production-relevant data, have access to your application applications and can ensure that the right people and machines to the correct information can be accessed.
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