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CERATIZIT Deutschland Videos

CERATIZIT Metal Injection - CERATIZIT (This is it)

2021-12-15 15:45 | 175 calls
*** We proudly present CERATIZIT Metal Injection with it`s first official video release ***

With the song "CERATIZIT (This is it)" CERATIZIT Metal Injection release their first original composition and start another chapter in their more than 10-year band history. The musicians have succeeded in including a timeless rock style of the 80s and enriching it with modern components and stunning harmonies. The message of the song should not be neglected either. The lyrics cover the entire CERATIZIT performance spectrum and reflect the pioneering spirit of the company. If you always wanted to know what CERATIZIT actually does, you only have to listen to the song now.

*** About the band ***

CERATIZIT Metal Injection is the in-house company rock band of CERATIZIT, consisting of employees within the group of companies. The band members are not only working in different areas and positions for CERATIZIT, they also partly work at different locations, which sometimes makes a common rehearsal a bit difficult. Nevertheless, the musicians get together at regular intervals in order to "rock" a bit after work. They prefer to cover classic rock songs from the 80s, but also some hits and evergreens from the recent past. At various internal events, the band could provide an exciting and fun atmosphere and help get the party going.


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