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Specialist in industrial marking and traceability

COUTH® Performance

COUTH® is the specialist providing different solutions for part marking of the vehicle’s structure, using micro-percussion, scribing and laser technologies. The marking of parts identification codes and 2D codes, such as serial numbers are compulsory in most of the companies in the automotive sector in order to meet with product traceability requirements. The codes, mostly Data Matrix codes contain information referring to the properties of the parts, production information, batch numbers, date of manufacture and much more. The marking on components must be clearly legible, either visually or by scanner. They must also be highly durable markings, in order to guarantee the traceability of the marked products. Deep scribing with our integrable marking machines, enables a permanent and quality traceability of the cold or hotforming stamped chassis parts or whether they are subsequently painted, galvanised, etc. In many cases an identification text marking is combined with a Datamatrix code so that the code can be read and verified by an automated process.

COUTH® offers the marking solution for the various applications of the railway sector. In this sector, marking depth is one of the most important requirements due to the materials having to withstand adverse conditions. COUTH® develops and manufactures turnkey production-line marking machines for part traceability.

COUTH® offers the best marking technology for the different applications of the iron and steel industry. When manufacturing ingots, bars and/or rolled steel, hot-marking (high temperatures) or cold-marking depth is one of the most important requirements. The materials must support subsequent treatments or machining and the marking must remain visible for identification and traceability purposes. COUTH® develops and manufactures deep-marking machines to ensure permanent marking with turnkey-solution machines for production lines and robots, etc.

COUTH® offers the best marking technology for the different applications of the oil and gas sector. In this sector marking depth is one of the most important requirements because, on the one hand, the materials have to withstand adverse conditions and, on the other, after marking they are subjected to painting and varnishing processes, etc. after which the marking must remain identifiable and illegible. COUTH® supplies this sector with standard, semi-standard and turnkey marking processes.

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