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Convincing universal - DMU 125 monoBLOCK®


DMU 125 monoBLOCK® offers 5-axis simultaneous machining up to 2,600 kg and up to 430 Nm with the 52 KW motor spindle


True size comes from within. On less than 8 m2, up to the DMU 125 monoBLOCK® at 25 m2, the new monoBLOCK® series offers room for work pieces up to 1,600 mm long and 3,000 kg in weight in a 3-axis area. The 5-axis version makes the machining of high-tech work pieces up to 1,440 mm in diameter and 2,600 kg in weight possible. Unrestricted loading of the work area from above and the standard stainless steel lining of the work area make this machine a highly durable value.


The monoBLOCK® series has now been DMG  /  MORI SEIKI’s top-rated universal machining system since 2011. Highly dynamic high-speed milling, simultaneous 5-axis machining, integrated milling-turning or high-torque high-performance machining – highly versatile machining centres that are now the benchmark in every industry.


The features of these new machining centres have been specifically designed to meet current industry needs. This is why DMG  /  MORI SEIKI ‘s monoBLOCK®machines, both traditionally and in particular in their next generation, combine a range of important features: High static masses, large roller guides and ball-thread drives, which ensure a high level of stability and rigidity, and intelligent design, which ensures optimum access to the work area and that the centres can be loaded with tools in parallel with production. Even though extremely compact overall, the machining centres’ work areas are designed to provide the space needed to machine a correspondingly wide range of components.  


 Best machine for larger workpieces


The largest model of the monoBLOCK® series, the new DMU 125 monoBLOCK®, which DMG  /  MORI SEIKI will be presenting  at the CIMT, also comes with a well-dimensioned work area. The fixed table of the 3-axis version is designed to hold workpieces with dimensions of up to 1,600 × 1,440 × 790 mm and a weight of up to 3,000 kg; while the 5-axis model with the swivel rotary table is designed for holding parts with a diameter of up 1,440 mm and height of 790 mm. The Tandem Drive version is designed for workpieces with a weight of up to 2,600 kg - which puts this centre in a class of its own when it comes to other vertical 5-axis machining centres. The DMU 125 monoBLOCK®’s  traverse paths are 1,335 × 1,250 × 900 mm. Just as with the smaller models, the DMU 125 monoBLOCK®’s large 2,100 mm door opening means that its table can also be directly loaded using a crane.  The footprint of the largest model of the monoBLOCK® series is still very small at only 22 m².


All DMU 125 monoBLOCK® are equipped with a 14,000 min motor spindle, which area available in SK 50 and HSK-A 100 for all monoBLOCK® models from the DMU 85 monoBLOCK® upwards. This modular range also includes spindles for high-speed machining and heavy-duty machining. The latter is achieved using a spindle that works at 12,000 rpm and a torque of 430 Nm. The tool magazines available for this range include various models with up to 180 tool positions.


More than only milling


DMG  /  MORI SEIKI monoBLOCK® series machines’ are designed for technology integration, which makes them extremely flexible. This technology integration capability is made possible only thanks to the innovative manufacturer’s existing expertise gained from its other machine series, and is now paving the way for the optional use of innovative machining processes in these universal milling centres. These technologies include the milling and turning technology, as well as and in particular ULTRASONIC and LASERTEC Shape machining.


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