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ULTRASONIC 2nd Generation

2016-06-15 11:26 | 1106 calls
The ULTRASONIC technology from DMG MORI enables the economical machining of complex workpiece geometries in demanding high-tech materials like e. g. ceramics, glass, corundum, tungsten carbide or even composites. The kinematic overlapping of the tool rotation with an additional oscillation effects a reduction of the process forces by up to 40 % in comparison to conventional machining. Depending on the workpiece requirements, this allows higher feed and infeed, longer tool life or significantly better surface finishes of up to Ra smaller than 0.1 µm. Based on a consequent development of the ULTRASONIC technology according to the markets requirements, the ULTRASONIC 2nd generation now also is able to cover ultrasonic-assisted milling of hard to machine metal alloys or fibre reinforced materials with defined cutting edge.