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Dormer Pramet News

Exotic milling with Multiside

Dormer Pramet’s Multiside range is ideally suited to milling applications in a range of exotic materials, including titanium and high temperature alloys.

Consisting of three specific cutters – Multiside AD, Multiside SC and Multiside SD – the program covers a comprehensive variety of operations, including shoulder milling, slot milling, copy milling and face milling, through to progressive plunging and roughing.

A key feature of the Multiside range, which is part of the company’s Pramet assortment, is its patented SideLok clamping system.

This is an extremely efficient and secure way of holding inserts which provides a high level of stability, especially in five-axis machining of complex surfaces. As a result, increased metal removal rates are achieved – even in difficult to machine materials.

As there is no need to accommodate a central fixing, the insert itself is much stronger, while the seating position means more of the geometry is engaged.

Another benefit of the SideLok system is that there is no need to remove screws from the body when indexing the inserts, speeding up the process.

A wide range of insert shapes and radius sizes from 0.4 to 6.0mm is available, with chip breakers designed for materials commonly used in high temperature environments.

A wiper insert option offers improved surface finish and the close pitch means reduced machining time and increased productivity. To further support specific applications, the Multiside range can be offered as custom tooling to meet a variety of bespoke requirements from customers.


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