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Dormer Pramet News

One cutter, many choices

A versatile new range of milling cutters and inserts form an important part of Dormer Pramet’s first product launch of 2017.

Expanding the company’s comprehensive range of milling cutters, the new addition adds an adaptable option to support a wide range of insert shapes and operations from roughing to finishing.

The new SOD05 cutter, developed under the Pramet brand, reduces tool change-over time and inventory costs with its universal pocket capable of carrying octagonal, round and square inserts.

It means that the user-friendly cutter, available in a wide range of diameters from 32 – 125mm, can perform face milling, shoulder milling, slotting, plunging and ramping in steel, stainless steel, cast iron and non-ferrous materials.

To support the new cutter, Dormer Pramet has added to its range of octagonal (OD), round (RD) and square (SD) inserts. The OD insert has eight cutting edges and low cutting forces, promoting an economical option for face milling, while the RD inserts are suitable for high feed roughing, shallow profiling and ramping.

Its SD inserts have four cutting edges and offers a 90° option for square shoulder milling, providing high depths of cut up to 10mm. All types of inserts have the same radial and axial positions of edges – allowing for easier CNC programming and manual operations.

Meanwhile, Dormer Pramet has announced a new range of small diameter cutters (12 – 40mm) to offer further economical milling options. The cutters, which have a high number of teeth to improve productivity, are ideally suited for turn-milling.

To support this new cutter, a range of economical SOMT 05 inserts have been developed. With four cutting edges for general machining, the single sided inserts offer depth of cut up to 4.5mm.

The inserts feature a sharp geometry with narrow positive T-land and support shoulder milling, face milling, shallow slot milling and plunging in steel, stainless steel and cast iron.

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