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DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP at the IMTS 2018 – From blank to precision component with DVSystem

The automotive market is going to change, also in the US. A current study by the Boston Consulting Group predicts that the percentage of electric-drive vehicles will increase from the current 1% to 20% by 2030. The share of hybrid vehicles will also increase from 4% today to 30%, according to the study. Higher rotational speeds in the new, almost silent drives require more precise surfaces, new geometries and, above all, complete manufacturing solutions for gear transmission components. From soft to hard fine machining, from small to large series production, the companies belonging to the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP (North Building Booth #236744) will be exhibiting trend-setting machine and tool systems for turning, gearing, grinding and gear honing applications at the IMTS18.

Efficient gear cutting. Completely machined – PITTLER SkiveLine

PITTLER T&S will be presenting the gearing center SkiveLine for the first time in the USA at the IMTS. Based on the tried-and-trusted PITTLER vertical series, the new platform has been oriented towards PITTLER SKIVING gear-cutting technology. The SkiveLine provides maximum productivity for the complete machining of components with a diameter of up to 16 inches. PITTLER SKIVING is a technology used for manufacturing inner and outer gearing in small, medium-sized and large series. The SkiveLine offers enormous potential for meeting the quality and productivity requirements of new drive concepts such as those used in electro-mobility. The hollow wheels of planetary gears are already being series produced completely in two clampings in Europe, with upstream or downstream turning, milling or deburring processes. The machine has been designed both for the gearing of non-hardened (soft) and hardened components. Users can choose between dry machining with compressed air cooling, wet machining or a combination of the two. The SkiveLine has also been optimized for fully automatic series production: The work chambers of up to two gear centers are automatically supplied with tools via the automation cell, thus minimizing space and investment requirements compared with robot loading. PITTLER SKIVING also means that PITTLER supplies the tools and clamps from a single source.

PRAEWEMA Internal Gear Honing – Maximum precision for internal gearings

All there is to know about the gear machining of transmission components will be demonstrated by PRAEWEMA Antriebstechnik GmbH at the DVS booth. Experts within the branch are predicting that the quality of gearing will have to be optimised even further in terms of load-bearing capacity and NVH-behaviour in view of the development of electric drives and the higher rotation speeds to be expected. PRAEWEMA offers complete gearing solutions from soft to hard machining and finishing both for internal and external gearing. For internal gearings with highest quality requirements, the Eschwege-based company has further developed the technology of internal gear honing. For the first time, hardened and thus more stable gearing in terms of pitch values and surface structure have been able to be significantly optimised as a result. The global market leader for gear honing machines is also using the IMTS to present new developments for outer gearing. VarioCrossHoning – a special oscillation method during honing – makes it possible to reduce surface roughness even further and thus further increase the surface quality of components with external gearing. The method can be marvelled together with the new, larger honing head with a diameter of 15.75 inch for components with a maximum diameter of 8.7 inch.

PRAEWEMA will be demonstrating a fly-cutting application for claw clutches

PRAEWEMA Antriebstechnik GmbH will be presenting a manufacturing solution for the highly efficient production of face crown gearing on claw clutch components to trade visitors at the IMTS. The fly-cutting machine with double spindle of the type PRAEWEMA WPSLV 2-2 stands out through maximum thermal and dynamic stability, which creates the basis for extremely smooth running of the fly-cutting tool. The rotating milling cutter with only one direction of cutting from the inner to the outer diameter prevents the formation of undesirable burr in the groove of the inner diameter, saving the user complex reworking. The burr at the outer diameter is removed during the milling process using integrated deburring operations which have no effect on the cycle time. In addition, both tooth flanks can be made crowned, which has a positive effect on claw clutch function. Following machining, the components have a code engraved which helps the user trace all the relevant data for component production for years.

Gearing surface quality of Rz

DVS TOOLING GmbH will be presenting a comprehensive spectrum of tools for PRAEWEMA gear honing for both internal and external gearing at the IMTS. The dressing tool VSD SF is new in the range. In this case, the letters SF stand for "Superfinishing" and refer to the extremely good surface quality. To do justice to these requirements in series production as well, the tools used must be coordinated accordingly. With the VSD SF, DVS TOOLING has managed not only to offer tools with extremely tight production tolerances, but also surfaces of Rz < 1 µm for external gearing. A further DVS TOOLING highlight will be the diamond dressing gear wheels which the company finishes using its own DVS LaserCut method. The diamond wheels from DVS TOOLING GmbH thus stand out with great cutting properties, excellent pitch quality and a long service life. DVS TOOLING has also developed new tool and dressing solutions for the honing process for internal gearing developed by PRAEWEMA. Used in conjunction with the PRAEWEMA technology, these raise the standard for the surface quality of transmission components with internal gearing to a whole new level.

DVS UGrind for increased productivity and flexibility in shop fabrication

BUDERUS Schleiftechnik presents DVS UGrind for the small and medium-sized series production of shaft and chuck parts. The heart of the machine is the flexible multi-function machine head, which is used for grinding, hard-turning and measuring processes in one clamping and without interruption. In this type of manufacturing, the majority of time and work effort is still spent on tooling set-up and preparation, such as the customized programming of the stock removal processes for workpieces of different sizes, weights and geometries. This inefficiency is now a thing of the past thanks to DVS UGrind with the UCee user interface. Because the intuitive user guidance allows machining programs to be created quickly and easily even without in-depth programming knowledge being necessary. Productivity-reducing machining steps such as continual measurement and repeated feeding until the required final dimension has been achieved after clamping are still part of everyday life in small to mid-size workshops. The DVS UGrind makes these steps unnecessary, because the measuring probe integrated in the multi-function head monitors and controls the machining process without the operator having to intervene. The DVS UGrind can be extended by the ULoad automation cell for fully automated series production. With the aid of a flexible pivoting gripper, the shaft or chuck parts of up to 5 inches in diameter are guided quickly and precisely into the work chamber. Thanks to its own controller, the automation cell works independently and can even be connected to UGrind machines that are already in operation.

New AIRMENTO bonding system from NAXOS-DISKUS

NAXOS-DISKUS Schleifmittelwerke GmbH will also have several innovations on display at the IMTS booth. One highlight is the new AIRMENTO bonding for cold-pressed CBN grinding discs for double-sided face grinding. The newly developed binding stands out thanks to its optimized bonding strength, temperature resistance and enhanced damping behavior during grinding. Correspondingly longer tool service lives, improved conditioning ability as well as higher supply and feed rates for optimized material removal rates are the result.

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