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Highly efficient shaft machining in 60 seconds - WMZ Ziegenhain

2020-04-01 09:32 | 60 calls
#shaftmachining #WMZZiegenhain
As a member of the #DVSTECHNOLOGYGROUP we design and produce machine tools for the flexible machining of shaft-shaped components are designed and produced within the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP. Components with a length of up to 4,500 mm can be machined completely in a single clamping thanks to the modular system. Alongside turning, milling and drilling processes, it is also possible to cut gearing in shaft-shaped workpieces. The centre drive technology further developed by WMZ make the highly efficient machining of suitable components possible.

Learn more at http://wmz-gmbh.dvs-gruppe.com/index.php?id=126&L=1
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