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Eckelmann Products
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Manufacturing execution software (MES)

Machine Management System (MMS)

The MMS creates transparency between the machine-layer and any higher layer such as a MES or ERP-System. Via OPC-UA, date is extracted from the (CNC)-Controller to be collected, processed and visualized. The MMS is an open and extendable system, designed to connect machines of different manufacturers running on different types of controllers. The MMS itself is based on a platform-independent Web-service-Architecture.
Data collected by the MMS is visualized on a Dashboard that grants real time access to information such as: Machine status, past, present and future orders, as well as time for the current order to be finished.

A production data acquisition model collects and saves all relevant data and information in order to generate reports and evaluations.

The "Companion App" grants access to the most important MMS features from Smartphone and Tablet.
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