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High speed milling machines (HSC)

UMILL 1800

/ 5-axis machining and spindle torque of 600 Nm (S1)
/ 15° undercut in the miling head positioning
/ Rotary table for milling and turning operations: machining of parts with dimension up to diameter 2500 x 1250 mm

/ 5-axis machining center for milling and turning operations
/ Portal milling machine for 5-sided / 5-axis machining
/ Wide axes travels (1800 x 2150 x 1250 mm) with reduced overall dimensions in the workshop
/ Wide openings in the machine covering for simplified loading and unloading
/ Feedrate: 60 m/min
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Universal Machining Center UMILL 1500
Universal Machining Center UMILL 1500
High speed milling machine (HSC)
High speed milling machines (HSC)
Universal Machining Center for Milling/turning operations in one setup for the complete machining of complex workpieces up to 4500 kg - Umill 1500, Ø 1600 mm, 1100 mm height
Milling head with 15° undercut
Gantry Milling Machine with axes travel: 1500 x 1500 x 1100 mm
Automatic tool changing system including up to 203 pockets
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