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Addition to the Punch Tap Family

The helical cold-forming tap EMUGE Punch Tap is now available in additional variants. New thread sizes were added for thread production in cast and wrought aluminium alloys.

Lauf an der Pegnitz, Germany, September 18, 2017 | An extended product range of the Punch Tap technology is now available, which allows time savings up to 75% in thread cycle in series production due to shortened toolpaths. The thread diameters have been extended to smaller and larger sizes, the Punch Tap tool can now be used for the production of metric threads from M4 to M8. In this diameter range, thread depths up to 3xD are possible in cast and wrought aluminium alloys. A second tool variant, in which the geometry has been slightly modified in the lead chamfer, provides for an even shorter thread run-out and a usable depth of thread extended by one thread.

For the larger shank diameters of M7 and M8 tools, the tool holder PT Synchro 12 was developed and included in the program. In addition to the HSK-A63 / HSK-A100 machine connections, SK 40/50 is also possible for the tool holders as well as other connections upon request.

Numerous manufacturers of machine tools and controls already support the Punch Tap process with their applications and programs. In addition, the process can be adapted to the specific machining conditions, such as differences in machine dynamics or stability of workpiece clamping.

The program extensions contribute to a wider use of the Punch Tap technology, in particular, since the exclusive use limited to one manufacturer in the automotive industry, will expire on January 1, 2018, and the technology will then be available to the entire industry.

For nearly 100 years, the German company group EMUGE-FRANKEN has been one of the world`s leading manufacturers of precision tools for thread cutting, gauging, clamping and milling. With 1,800 employees, EMUGE-FRANKEN offers an innovative product program with 40,000 in-stock items and a multiple of that with customer-specific tools. The product range is focused on applications in the automotive industry, power plants, aerospace industry, medical technology as well as mechanical and plant engineering. As a system supplier for machining industry, EMUGE-FRANKEN has own branch offices or sales partners in 49 countries.

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