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HSS End Mills redefined

FRANKEN, manufacturer of milling tools in the EMUGE-FRANKEN company group, introduces new HSS End Mills for roughing and finishing. Combining improved HSS-materials with new, modified geometries and innovative coatings, the end mills optimize milling processes, reduce cycle times and open up new areas of application.

The new geometry is characterized by variable radial spacing of cutting edges and a tapered core diameter. The variable radial spacing of cutting edges leads to smoother, low-vibration run of the tool and results in a 15% improved surface quality, compared with a standard end mill. An increased rigidity of the tools is caused by a tapered core diameter. During the milling process, it reduces the radial deflection and improves dimensional precision of the workpieces.

The newly developed cutting material PM-Ultra combines the advantages of the HSS material with the advantages of the Carbide Steel and offers easier machining of materials such as Titanium or Stainless Steel materials. PM-Ultra is an especially developed powder metal HSS cutting material for pre-finishing and finishing operations. Specific modifications of this carbon-free steel-mix change the area of application towards a use normally associated with carbide. The excellent heat resistance of this cutting material enables cutting speed increase by 30 to 50%. An up to 25% increased tool life respectively tool path is the result of the new coating, which is harder and more oxidation resistant than conventional coatings such as TiCN.

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