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Insert with circle segment technology

The contour, based on the circle segment end mills with taper form, is very universally applicable and aims on the finishing of extremely deep cavities in almost all materials where the overall length of the available end mills is not sufficient. In three lengths between 100 and 200 mm is the indexable end mill for the circle segment inserts available. The ball nose inserts, already available in the product range, can also be inserted into the indexable end mill, thus enabling flexible use. The V-clamping ensures a high accuracy of change of the indexable end mill with +/- 0.01 mm. Together with the tight form tolerance of +/- 0.01 mm it guarantees highest precision.

Circular segment end mills, also known on the market as barrel end mills, have very large radii in the cutting area. They simulate ball nose end mills with a cutting edge diameter of 12 to 3,000 mm, even larger on request. Thus they allow a higher axial step, which reduces machining times by up to 90% or increases the surface quality of the components while keeping the axial step.

These features provide users in mould making or turbine production a very economical solution for 5-axis milling operations.

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