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EMUGE Taptor - a new thread technology

2019-10-25 16:04 | 176 calls
EMUGE Taptor® is a new technology for the production of internal threads developed together by EMUGE and AUDI AG. The threading tool combines a twist drill with a tap and leads to a significant saving in machining time. While the EMUGE Punch Tap and Speedsynchro® technologies generate time savings via shorter tool paths or higher cutting speeds, Taptor® achieves these savings by reducing one working step. The time advantage results from several individual elements. On the one hand, the entire pre-drilling cycle, including all traverse paths, positioning and tool changes, is eliminated. On the other hand, the main time of the individual thread machining is reduced by the collet holder Speedsynchro Taptor®, which enables a higher cutting speed with its integrated transmission gear.

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