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EWS Weigele Products

Precision meets Motion

EWS Weigele GmbH & Co. KG
Tool turrets

EWS tool turret

Tool turret for the world market

With its new turret program, the EWS Group is offering the full service for machine builders.

For the first time, the specialist for tool systems, EWS, has taken a step towards Europe with its tool turret range. For more than a decade, these tool carrier systems have been used successfully on CNC turning/milling centres in Asia.

Now we are taking the step towards the European continent. Various customers are already using prototypes on test machines and the first machines from series production to be equipped with the new turret technology are expected to be available in late autumn 2013.

At the EMO, it will be possible to see turret with 2-motor technology and the EWS Group will be presenting other technical highlights as well.

In addition to this turret system, the range also includes turrets with 1-motor technology for counter spindle machines as well as units with a Y-axis.

The "technology carriers" are offered in various sizes from VDI25 to VDI60 and from BMT 45 to BMT85.
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Driven Tools
EWS Modulfräser
Tool holding fixtures
EWS Weigele GmbH & Co. KG
Tool turrets
Driven Tools
Driven tools form a further core area of EWS. More than 8,000 different tools are available at short notice.

In addition to standard products like axial and angular heads, EWS offers swivel units, slot broaching tools, multiform tools and multi-spindle machines. There is just no limit.

The tool clamping systems range from the classic collet chuck holder to Weldon and hydro extension to Capto, KM, ABS and HSK.

The applications range from classic CNC lathes to highly complex turning milling centers.
  • EWS Gear hobber
  • Drilling/milling head capto
  • Drilling/milling head capto
  • Radial drilling / milling head
  • Axial drilling/milling head
  • Fixed angle head
  • Saw milling head
  • Axial double head
  • Multi spindle tool
  • Special tool
  • Drilling- turning tool holder
  • Radial head y-axis adjustable
  • Radial milling head extended
  • Swivel head
  • Special tool
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