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EXAPT Systemtechnik GmbH
Training centres
EXAPT Training
A quick, to achieve comprehensive and profitable use of the system investment, EXAPT offers accompanying support from consulting about the design, system services and in particular to the practice in the spirit of partnership to the user CAD/CAM training to.

EXAPT guarantees the fast, safe, efficient, practical and intelligent use of the entire range of the EXAPT system. Here, the goal-oriented EXAPT training courses have a high priority for the fast introduction to the use of the system, whether for newcomers, upgraders or promoted.

When it comes to day-to-day exempt fully on a quick qualification to can focus, so the training courses offered, training centre in Aachen taking place in the EXAPT. Terminology fixed standard training can be covered with appropriate planning lead time (dates). By special arrangement, but also corporate - or person-individual training in Aachen can be performed.

Is a business and work-related training in the foreground, so Alternatively workshops can be arranged, performed by the user. This specific forms for use when the user, consider the resulting from the production, the range of workpieces, the machines used, the organizational processes, the available equipment, etc. result.

Thus, EXAPT offers a wide range of qualification that focuses on the needs of the customers. For more details, please see the current EXAPT training plan on (dates) or consult our contact person.
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