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Laser centres for other processing methods
Fascination Laser

Light as a tool in production engineering - laser with its versatility still fascinates. For quite a while, Gehring has discovered the concentrated light for production. In cooperation with our customers, we have developed a number of different laser applications and installed them in appropriate machines.

In modern production lines, machines with high process reliability were developed to industrialize laser structuring. Our laser machines offer process reliablity and work reliability around the clock.

Q-switched solid state lasers with Galvo scanner optics are used as beam source. Laser beams can either be used for surface structuring or for marking data matrix codes.

Multiple beam sources can be arranged to reduce the cycle times. The arrangement depends on the machining job. During the structuring of bored segments, the beam passes into the bore at a diagonal. During the machining of front faces, the beam guidance to the machined surface takes place normally.

For quality control of workpieces, imaging cameras can be used. Data matrix codes can be read or the surface can be probed with another special camera.
  • Work piece example
  • Surface structure
  • Surface structure
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