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‘Envision Your Future’: Experience future-ready solutions at GF Solutions Days Europe 2018

Solutions to complex business and manufacturing challenges—and the direct benefits of seizing new business opportunities—were in the spotlight at GF Solutions Days Europe 2018, April 17–19, at GF Machining Solutions’ Center of Competence in Schorndorf, Germany.

More than 600 guests representing a vast range of industries came from 12 European countries to take part in the three-day event, where they were invited to “Envision Your Future.” The program consisted of informative presentations and live demonstrations; partners in tool technology, software and measurement technology were present as well.

Visitors to the 1,300-square-meter exhibition space with over 20 machines and one automation cell took part in four different guided tours addressing key business challenges: achieving optimal surface finishes, mastering complex parts with high accuracy, producing perfect molds and automated manufacturing.

Because each of the tours employed a specific application to demonstrate GF Machining Solutions’ holistic integrated approach based on Industry 4.0 principles, guests were able to experience first-hand how the GF Division can help them solve complex manufacturing challenges. Antonio Faccio, Head of GF Machining Solutions Market Region Europe and South America, said GF Solutions Days Europe 2018 was a unique opportunity to tune in to customers’ needs.

Listening to customers’ needs

“We want to listen to the customers’ needs in order to offer the solutions that best fit them. Here, at GF Solutions Days, we could present several applications and solutions,” he explained, adding that the closeness afforded by the event also enables a shorter sales cycle—another distinct benefit in today’s fast-moving manufacturing world.

The event highlighted GF Machining Solutions’ extensive manufacturing expertise: long-standing knowledge across a wide array of industrial segments and a broad technology portfolio including Milling, EDM, Additive Manufacturing, Automation, and Customer Services. GF Machining Solutions is uniquely positioned to provide manufacturers with solutions to keep pace with future trends characterized by automated production and next-generation intelligent information systems.

Engaging live exhibits

Among the live exhibits showcased at GF Solutions Days Europe 2018 was a highly precise linear manufacturing cell integrating all production processes—fully digital, from CAD/CAM to the machining process and a 3D fitting of electrodes measured in 3D.

Center stage at GF Solutions Days were:

  • The new Mikron MILL P 500 U and MILL P 800 U Milling machines, enabling the five-axis milling of complex molds and new materials with high-strength properties.

  • An automation cell with a six-axis FANUC robot to optimizes processes.

  • The new, intelligent AgieCharmilles CUT P 350 and CUT P 550 wire EDM series, offering Limitless Possibilities in terms of speed, flexibility and quality.

  • The new AgieCharmilles FORM X 400 and FORM S 350 die-sinking solutions, which position users to meet every challenge with greater flexibility and machining accuracy.

  • The Microlution ML-5 ultrafast Laser micromachining platform, which makes micron-scale machining economically and technically feasible.

  • GF Machining Solutions Customer Services’ rConnect—a new digital service providing remote maintenance service—which represents GF Machining Solutions’ Industry 4.0 vision of intelligent and high-peforming services.

Manufacturers who were unable to take part in GF Solutions Days Europe 2018 can learn more about GF Machining Solutions’ future-ready solutions by visiting www.gfms.com.

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