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GF Machining Solutions starts partnership with KSF in Tuttlingen - Germany

GF Machining Solutions has signed a cooperation agreement with KSF (Kompetenzzentrum für Spanende Fertigung) in order to support their efforts in the development of new manufacturing processes for the medical device industry. 

KSF is located in Tuttlingen, Germany – the heart of Europe's medical device industry, and part of Hochschule Furtwangen, one of Germanys leading teaching and research universities for Medical Engineering. KSF has a staff of PhD and Masters students that work on both fundamental research and projects sponsored by industry.

GF Machining Solutions installed an AgieCharmilles LASER P 400 U Femto Flexipulse machine at KSF. Equipped with both infrared and green laser sources, the LASER P 400 U provides unmatched control over laser bursts, including control of power, pulse form and duration. Equipped with five-axis machining capabilities and GF Machining Solutions proprietary software, the LASER P 400 U can help leading manufacturers to create unique products and open new possibilities in medical device functionality.

Professor Dr. Bahman Azarhoushang, Director of KSF, has stated, "We are very excited to start our partnership with GF Machining Solutions and feel that the technology they offer will bring new possibilities for manufacturers from many industries. We expect to see many interesting projects being run on this equipment."

Research has proven the ability of the LASER P 400 U to create a wide range of functional surfaces – including anti-bacterial and hydrophobic, as well as structures favorable for osseointegration. When equipped with special software, it can also create anti-counterfeiting features.

GF Machining Solutions Medical Segment Manager Erik Poulsen commented, "Our entire organization is committed to providing innovative, efficient technologies to support medical manufacturers in meeting their challenges. Our cooperation with KSF will help ensure the unmatched capabilities of our Laser technology are made available to medical device organizations so that they can develop cutting edge products for their patients."

For more medical specific information, please contact: erik.poulsen@georgfischer.com

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