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New Mikron MILL P 900 boosts quality, productivity, competitiveness, and efficiency

Across a wide range of market segments, GF Machining Solutions’ new Mikron MILL P 900 vertical, three-axis Milling machine delivers quality, competitiveness, productivity and efficiency to a broad range of applications.

With its robust portal structure featuring high dynamic stiffness, this solution is especially designed for mold, die, and part manufacturers, who are looking for the best surface quality and very high positioning and contour accuracy. The Mikron MILL P 900 is especially beneficial in the production of light to heavy mold and die applications with 2.5D contours, small to mid-size batches, and prototyping.

This machine’s one-touch process means manufacturers experience genuine roughing and finishing performance in a single machine. It is easy to manually load workpieces up to 1,000 kg through the broad front door, thanks to this solution’s ergonomics. Moreover, with its integrated Automation from the back through the gantry and a capacity of up to 200 kg, manufacturers’ second and third shift productivity is fully covered at lower cost.

The Mikron MILL P 900 positions mold and die makers for success in the production of medium to large tools. Applications include plastic injection molds and inserts, casting molds and dies, metal injection molds and inserts, extrusion dies, and cold forging molds.

Constant quality

Achieving consistent quality is the target. This machine is founded on a precise and stable machine base, so precision manufacturers will keep even their most discerning mold, die and parts production customers happy. With a symmetrical gantry design, a polymer concrete structure, as well as an integrated cooling management that includes water cooling through the machine base and Intelligent Thermal Control (ITC), the MILL P 900 provides high thermal stability around the clock. As a result, users achieve form accuracy down to below 5 µm and positioning accuracy down to below 10 μm over long machining hours even for hard Milling applications.

The ability to outpace the competition is directly linked to the superiority of the processes used, and these solutions boast superior process capabilities. Thanks to the Mikron MILL P 900’s 20,000 rpm, 120 Nm Step-Tec Spindle, roughing and finishing operations are easily executed in one touch. A 36,000 rpm Spindle is available to take high surface quality and finishing to the next level. At the same time, the operator can select machining priorities with the touch of a finger. These characteristics are proof that competitiveness is engineered into the machine’s DNA, so users experience less process complexity and can quickly outperform competition. Shop floor productivity can reach new levels thanks to the superior, integrated Automation and chip management solutions on this machine.

Greater efficiency

The Mikron MILL P 900 provides operators with user- and environmentally-friendly support to accelerate precision, productivity, and safety. Plus, a full range of smart machine modules is available to enhance efficiency.

The Mikron MILL P 900, now available in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, has already been extensively tested under real-world conditions at customers’ sites, earning excellent feedback—including repeat orders from customers around the world.

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