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AgieCharmilles FORM 30

Asking price

  • Reference number CZ-EDM-AGI-2011-00001
    Manufacture Year 2011
    Operation Hours 14115
  • Metal working machine
  • Erosion, electrochemical and ultrasonic machines
  • Electrochemical machines
  • AgieCharmilles
  • Measurements width
    2000 mm
    Measurements depth
    2600 mm
    Measurements height
    2700 mm
    Machine weight
    3550 kg
    X-Axis Movement
    600 mm
    Y-Axis Movement
    400 mm
    Z-Axis Movement
    400 mm
    Workpiece X
    1000 mm
    Workpiece Y
    700 mm
    Workpiece Z
    400 mm
    Workpiece weight
    1000 kg
    Outer length
    800 mm
    Outer width
    600 mm
    Fire extinguisher
    Various accessories incl. new filters
  • This AgieCharmilles FORM 30 Erosion Machine was manufactured in the year 2011 in China. It has a production of 14115 working hours. It is equipped with an AgieCharmilles control unit. This machine incorporates a working table of 800x600 mm. Fire extinguisher and various accessories are included. It is in very good conditions.

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