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Battenfeld HM2000/19000

Asking price

  • Reference number PL-INJ-BAT-2004-00002
    Manufacture Year 2004
    Operation Hours 93336
  • Plastics, rubber and rubber processing
  • Molding machines
  • Battenfeld
  • Screw diameter
    135 mm
    Shot weight
    Polystyrene: 8792 g/ps - Polietylen: 6860 g/ps
    Stroke volume
    Injection pressure
    1947 bat
    Plasticising rate max
    180 g/s
    Screw speed
    160 rpm
    Nozzle pressure
    354 kN
    Clamping force
    20000 kN
    Robot Robot Sepro P12275, model 3060 BZ V (additional cost)
    Temperature devices (additional cost)
  • This Battenfeld HM2000/19000 Injection Moulding Machine was built in the year 2004. It has 93336 production hours. This machine can work with a clamping force 20000 kN, and a screw diameter 135 mm.

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