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A New Generation of HEIDENHAIN Touch Probes

HEIDENHAIN has been developing touch probes for workpiece and tool measurement on machine tools for over 25 years now. Several fundamental developments,
such as the wear-free optical sensor, the first transceiver completely integrated in the spindle housing, the flushing/blowing feature for cleaning the measuring surface,
or the first touch probe with integrated energy generation are examples of pioneering innovations by HEIDENHAIN in the field of touch probes.

Now HEIDENHAIN is offering a new generation. The new touch probes TS 460 (workpiece touch probe) and TT 460 (tool touch probe), feature two transmission methods: infrared and radio. Combining the advantages of infrared (very high accuracy and rapid signal transmission) with those of radio (high range and large amounts of data) makes it possible to use the touch probes in many different types of situations. The appropriate method can be used depending on the circumstances.
The new SE 660 transmitter/receiver unit is required for users who want to work with the new hybrid touch probes efficiently.

The newly developed mechanical adapter between the touch probe and the clamping shank provide effective protection against collisions. The touch probe can evade light collisions of its housing against a fixture or workpiece. At the same time, the touch probe reports the loss of readiness and the control stops operation. This way the device is not damaged and can still be used. At the same time, the collision protection adapter serves for thermal decoupling thanks to its design. Particularly during very long probing processes, the touch probe is protected from heating through the spindle.

The well proven optical sensor operates without wear and provides the specified probing reproducibility even after a large number of probing processes (5 million switching cycles). The new wireless touch probes are operated with commercially available standard rechargeable or nonrechargeable batteries and are easily exchanged by the user. A further advantage is the new intelligent standby mode in which energy consumption is reduced in steps.

In addition to the hybrid touch probes, HEIDENHAIN is also offering two new cable-connected probes with smaller dimensions: the TS 260 workpiece touch probe and the TT 160 tool touch probe. The devices can be connected immediately to any commonly used control without requiring any interface.

The new touch probes are more compact than their predecessor models and therefore allow much more freedom for swiveling and tilting.


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