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HESSE + CO Maschinenfabrik


HESSE + CO Maschinenfabrik GesmbH
Industriezentrum NÖ-Süd, Straße 4 Objekt 8
2351 Wiener Neudorf
+43/2236/638 70-0
+43/2236/636 62

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Asking price

  • Reference number 1069-1373
    Manufacture Year not applicable
    Operation Hours not applicable
  • Metal working machine
  • Sheet Metalforming machines
  • Pressbrakes
  • 2.550 mm
    100 to
    11 kW
    2.200 mm
    530 mm
    104 mm
    900 mm
    410 mm
    650 mm
    3.800 mm
    1.670 mm
    2.850 mm
    7.800 kg
  • advantages compared to AD-R series: - touch screen control CYBELEC ModEva 19T with 3D presentation of the programmed workpiece - extended option amount standard equiptment: grafic colour display control Cybelec ModEva 19T (touchscreen) for Y1, Y2 , X and R axes incl. bending sequence calculation, numeric display and grafic servo motorized back gauge on linear guides and ball screws back gauge finger blocks on double linear guides sectioned goose neck upper tool 1010/A/75° 4-V die block 60x60 2009 (V= 16,22,35 and 50 mm) mot. anti deflection adjustable by CNC control sheet support arms on linear guiding laser safety device on upper beam oil filling users manual in ENGLISH and GERMAN options: additional controlled axes of back gauge AP3-AP4 bending supports with sliding guide hydr. upper- and lower tool clamping for WILA tools die relocate feature sheet feeding feature tandem preperation CNC DELEM DA-66T 3D touch screen CNC DELEM DA-69T We have more than 600 references! (sample photo) bending length: 2.550 mm bending force: 100 to axis: Y1 / Y2, X und R axes upper tool: 1010/A/75° goose neck, sectioned lower tool: 4-V die 60x60 2009 (V= 16,22,35 and 50 mm) anti deflection: CNC contolled back gauge: CNC conrolled motor power: 11 kW distance between columns: 2.200 mm daylight: 530 mm table width: 104 mm table height: 900 mm throat depth: 450 mm travel of back gauge (X): 650 mm length: 3.800 mm width: 1.670 mm height: 2.850 mm weight: 7.800 kg

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