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Completeness monitoring for the packaging technology

Innovative operating concepts for intuitive handling

  • Different handling units can be taught
  • Reliable detection of underfill or overfill
  • Automatic position tracking
  • Colour-independent and extraneous-light resistant due to time-of-flight technology (PMD).
  • Switching outputs and Ethernet process data interface

Incomplete shipments – never again
If a pallet with only one incomplete handling unit reaches the customer, he often returns all goods. This does not only lead to dissatisfaction but also to additional costs. Completeness monitoring provides the remedy. Often individual sensors are installed above each individual handling unit position. This is, however, not very flexible if the handling unit type or size changes. Then changes become necessary. If colour or texture of the handling units change, conventional sensors reach their limits. All these problems are unknown to completeness monitoring on the basis of 3D sensors: The 3D sensor looks at the handling unit from above and compares it with the models taught in by the user. It signals any deviation via a switching output.
Continuous exchange with users and extensive handling tests have lead to extraordinarily simple operation and integrability of the sensor.

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