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Innovalia Metrology Products
Innovalia Metrology Munich
Measuring machines, mobile

Vulkan Gage

Main structure made of stabilized steel.
Aluminium Y-axis unit with a pyramidal cross section arm.
Linear shoes on all axes for high precision guidance.
Rack and pinion drive on X-axis and ball spindle on Y- and Z-axes.
Special mechanical system for arm bending control.
Aluminium crosshead, supported by a guided counterweight joined through double steel cored strip.
Measuring rulers and Renishaw linear optical heads on all machine axis.
Continuous PHS1 head with extensions up to 750 mm.
Machine architecture based on horizontal arm with high stiffness structure.
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M3 portable
M3 portable
Tool measuring and setting unit
Innovalia Metrology Munich
Measuring machines, mobile
M3 portable
Captura de datos y escaneo 3D de alta fidelidad.
Sistema de escaneo automático, portátil y compacto.
Herramienta sencilla de usar, potente y extremadamente adaptable para captura y análisis de nubes de puntos de alta calidad.
OptiscanH1040L: Sensor de escaneado de alta velocidad sin contacto.
M3 Compact: Software de adquisición y análisis.
Control del sistema: Control de 5 Ejes, Joystick.
CNC Portátil: Sistema Cartesiano CNC de 3 Ejes y Cabezal de 2 Ejes.
Caja de transporte: Para la Máquina y el Control del Sistema.
We provide solutions for different needs within the metrological software field. If you need to scan and capture point clouds your actual pieces, M3 Captureis the software you need. And if you go to manage massive point clouds and digital parts, M3 Server gives you the best solution on the market.
A breakthrough in the whole process of scanning and point cloud management is able to work in a simple and agile way in mobility. This M3 Tablet gives you a versatile and professional solution for you to work with point clouds from your tablet anywhere.
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