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ISCAR Germany Products

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ISCAR Germany GmbH
Surface milling tools
The new IQ845 family is a milling face mills with a square double-sided inserts with 8 cutting edges. The milling cutters feature a very soft cut due to a high positive cutting edge inclination which features a very good surface finish in roughing applications as well.


• High positive cutter pocket inclination
• Rigid clamping due to dovetail pocket design secured by clamping screws
• Coarse and fine pitch cutter configurations
• Coolant holes directed to every insert on the cutters
• Precise double sided square insert
• 8 cutting edges – each edge comprises a reinforced edge and a wiper flat for high quality of machined surface
• Positive rake face produces excellent chip formation
• Depth of cut up to 4.6 mm
• Low power consumption
• Both roughing and finishing on many types of material
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