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Mastercam sets standards with „Dynamic Lathe“

Unique and unsurpassed

Düsseldorf/Bad Lippspringe – In the head office of InterCAM-Deutschland GmbH, the German distributor o Mastercam CAD/CAM-Software, they‘re very impressed by the overwhelming resonance on the new feature “Dynamic Lathe“ even some days after the end of the METAV-fair: “On such a large approval we had not counted,“ InterCAM CEO Andreas Stute admitted honestly. “We were conscious that we go with an absolute world novelty to the start, but our expectations were exceeded by far,“ he also reflected the impressions of his distributors.

Regularly the team of the market leader of CAD/CAM-Software makes the way to Düsseldorf, to visit the METAV-fair, the meeting point for customers and manufacturers in metalworking. This year the youngest member of the „Dynamic Motion Technology“ – Dynamic Lathe – was in center of attention. With live demonstrations, the efficiency was presented realistically to the visitors of the fair directly on the spot. The Lerinc company provided kindly, along with technicians, the CNC-lathe machining center “Goodway 2600“, which was equipped with tools of Mitsubishi Materials.

These live demonstrations allowed the interested visitor to convince themselves with their own eyes how efficient this new technology works. The main point is for sure the smooth movement in the material, that puts less stress on the insert and makes possible a high efficient engagement. So a full contact of the insert with the workpiece will be avoided in plunge geometries. The dynamic movement is providing in that way constant material removal rates in the cut and is reaching a maximum use of the feed rate capabilities.

With this feature the tool life will also be extended by at least 300 percent. “This is a trailblazing progress for us and our lathe customers. With this we supply our customers with a quite clear advantage in competition in the manufacturing,“ so the CEO stated.

The presentation of the feature “Dynamic Lathe“, additional improvements in the Mastercam Software, and not least the good placement in direct proximity to the east entrance provided a constant good visitation of the booth. “Even on Saturday we had lots of visitors at our booth until shortly before close of the fair and we made some very interesting and promising contacts,“ Andreas Stute reported.

The “Dynamic Motion Technology“ has been an integral part of the Mastercam software for many years . with Dynamic Motion milling toolpaths being developed and included for nearly eight years. The technology continues to be expanded across the software line with this new introduction of Dynamic Motion lathe toolpaths.

If you couldn’t convince yourself of the efficiency, you‘ll find the corresponding fair-video on www.mastercam.de. All questions regarding the “Dynamic Motion Technology“ will be answered gladly by your distributors.


Responsible for the content of this press release: InterCAM-Deutschland GmbH

Responsible for the content of this press release: InterCAM-Deutschland GmbH


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